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Kansas Disc Sport Scholarship

The total available for the 2015 Kansas Disc Sport Scholarship is $424.20.  Applications are due on April 1st, 2015!

The Kansas Disc Sport Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2004 for the purpose of helping a Kansas resident pay for the high cost of higher education. The main criteria used to judge an applicant is their disc play and involvement in their chosen disc sport; ultimate, disc golf, freestyle or guts...

The scholarship is valid for any in-state trade school, college or university. The money can be used for tuition, books or housing. A check for the amount of money awarded will be issued to the institution for the benefit of the recipient. Applications are due April 1st.

Each year, the foundation raises funds by hosting tournaments, having auctions of donated material and/or by accepting cash donations. Half of the funds generated each year are set aside in an interest bearing account. Although all of the interest is used each year for the scholarship, the principal remains behind to generate future interest. No gift of less than $100 will be awarded (unless the total amount available is less than $100).

*Unfortunately no one claimed the scholarship for 2010. No applications. The money set aside for this year now goes back into the general fund as principle and will ultimately help reach that level someday when just the interest will support a scholarship. We would rather have seen someone get the money this year though. Disc golfers around the state need to be proactive and recognize a youngster that is deserving and remind them to apply and write that crucial letter of recommendation for them.

*Christian Kaufman of Wichita East High School has been selected as the 2010 Kansas Disc Sport Scholarship Recipient. Christian will use the money to attend Kansas State University to study Architecture. Christian played Ultimate for East High where his team won state and attended Nationals. He plans to join the KSU Ultimate team as soon as he arrives. We wish him the best of luck in his studies and his continued disc play.

*The 2009 recipient of the scholarship was Zach Young of Emporia. Zach not only enjoyed playing disc golf but was active in the local club with help preparing courses for tournament play. He plans to attend Hutchinson Community College to study fire science.

*There were two outstanding candidates for the 2008 scholarship and the selection committee could not narrow it down to just one. Of the $527.91 available, Calvin Priest was awarded $323.82. Calvin was an active member of the Parsons Disc Golf Club. He helped organize a fund raiser Guts tournament that brought players from out of state to raise funds for a cancer victim. He also participated in double disc court and field events. Calvin participated in every disc sport there is. For this reason, he was awarded the larger share of this years funds. Unfortunately, Calvin's life came to a tragic end in an auto accident shortly after the decision was made. His family requested that his portion of the money be placed back in the Foundation so it would grow to help more people in the future. In addition, a memorial was set up at the funeral for donations to the KDSSF in his honor which brought in an additional $1500.
The other very deserving recipient of the 2008 scholarship is Alex Vahsholtz. He received $204.09 to help him attend Kansas State University. Alex has helped with the Disc Unlimited tournament for numerous years as well as playing disc golf from an early age. Alex spent numerous hours over the years helping make disc golf a reality in Herington. A very deserving candidate indeed.

*In 2007 Kyle Schoenhofer, a graduate of Southeast HS in Wichita, will receive $353.42 from the KDSSF to help him attend Wichita State University to study Music Business. Kyle comes by his disc handling skills from having both a father and an older brother that play disc golf. Congratulations to Kyle. As a side note, Kyle played in this years fundraising tournament at the Tick Ranch helping to raise funds for next years scholarship. Kyle hit the only ace of the tournament.

*The 2006 fund in the amount of $309.71 was awarded to Billie Jerde from Newton to help her attend Bethel College. She is an ultimate player and part time disc golfer.

For more information, contact the KDSSF Administrator: Bill Paulson, 1330 S Meridian, Valley Center, Kansas, 67147 or 316-755-2681.

Download an application form below (right click and choose 'Save As'):

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