End of the Year -- who's playing?

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Re: End of the Year -- who's playing?

Postby doc » Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:46 pm

Sign Guy wrote:...There is a course that I have not yet played at Clinton Lake near Lawrence. I may have to find a reason to drive over there and check it out.

While I've not played the Clinton Lake course in quite some time, I will highly recommend locating a guide for navigational assistance.
The course is w/in a State Park - so either a 'Kansas State Park parking pass' or a $5 fee is required at the gate.
It's a decent course and worth checking out...and am guessing(?) they've put the Winter mow on it...as it can be more than a bit treacherous off the fairways in the tall rough.

If anyone disagrees with the above, please chime in.
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