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Pratt 2011 Tourneys

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:01 am
by beisner
I have two questions which we need to discuss and answer as soon as possible:

#1 Who wants to run the 2011 Pratt Lemon Park KDGA Food Drive Event (formerly the Pratt Ice Bowl)? We've been doing the last Saturday in February.

#2 Who wants to run the 2011 Pratt Hot & Cold KDGA Tournament (May Dennis Park)? It is usually in mid-May.

I've decided that the 2010 tourneys were the last that I'm going to run -- at least for a year or two. It is time to pass the torch. We need a motivated, energetic, honest, organized and hopefully discgolf-savvy individual who is willing to work random and countless hours for zero pay. :) It is really quite a rewarding and enjoyable experience, like any volunteerism I suppose. Please reply here or send me a PM.

On 2011's events, I won't be available for ordering, tourney prep work, fundraising or tournament execution. I do have maps, scorecards, etc., in digital files, and will of course be happy to share those plus sponsorship information and overall format suggestions.

Perhaps there's someone in Pratt who is willing to step up to the plate and take ownership of the events. Or, this could be an opportunity for a neighboring disc golf club to come in and take the reins on two events, with both events having an established momentum.

This person would need to coordinate all tourneys with the KDGA and execute them in accordance with the KDGA and PDGA rules of play. Current or past PDGA tournament director certification would be preferred and would be highly beneficial to this individual. This individual would also need to coordinate with the city commission, the city parks and recreation departments on scheduling events.

What I'm talking about here is complete and full responsibility for planning, organizing and excuting these events, without my assistance. I can give guidance, contacts, map files, etc., but that needs to start happening now (not right before the tourneys).

Running a successful event requires preparation, fundraising and planning, a month or more in advance of each tournament date, plus complete absorption for a solid week leading up to the event.

We need to get this ironed out before XMAS 2010, so if you are interested, please holler!


Re: Pratt 2011 Tourneys

Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 10:30 am
by beisner

Pratt 2011 Hot & Cold is on. Details here: