Let's keep our course clean!

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Let's keep our course clean!

Postby Baconius » Fri May 15, 2009 8:14 am

With our local beer-drinking-tree-trashing-throw-my-trash-where-ever-I-please-camp-out-on-the-back-nine-it's-too-hard-bridge-destroying-disrespectful crowd of thugs (I love the game finding more and more players, but if thats how they want to act, I wish they had never picked up a disc and never heard of the game), I've had to made my best efforts to keep everything clean...I try to take a trash bag with me every other day I play...Too much trash for one man to keep picked up though...Yes a few others have indeed helped out too...I want thank Billy Curry, Tony Young, Mike Nall Sr. and Gabe Nall for their help in this matter...The Nall's and the Riner's also need a big thanks for returning discs they find with names on them.

As a group we need to police our course a bit better, so the thugs quit taking it over and ruining an otherwise nice place...Over the winter, discussions have taken place which implied the baskets could very well get yanked if it keeps getting trashed...Also, the thugs have drawn the attention of our local police department. Not only littering, but the general vandalistic tendancies and rumored drug use. Many, many a time have I seen Officer Walker standing on the train tracks with binoculars attempting to catch them in the act. I realize that everyone in the club and on these forums is far from guilty of these things, BUT I would hate it if cameras were to be placed around the course to be used to give out tickets for littering and catching other aforementioned acts...We have to be on camera everywhere we go...work, the store, traffic lights, ect...I would like to think we could all have a safe haven from the rigors of the modern world when we go out to relax and toss some discs...

It is OUR course! Every time we gather for league on Sundays, every tournament we hold, every sponsor we get, every donation we make, all the hard work we put in, it belongs to us, The Pratt Disc Golf Club. I know we can do a much better job keeping an eye out, raising our voices and letting those jerks know that their behavior is Unacceptable!

If we work together, we can make these all concerns of the past...A lot of people have worked very hard to make our sport accepted in our community, let's not let that hard work come to nothing...Thanks

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