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smitty wrote:If the little monkey gets out of line, the bigger monkey knocks the crap out of him.

Is that how that works??? I still dont believe it.......
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Sandwich you crack me up dude!!!!!
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flick wrote:

Heard today that Tatro lost it on the parks department dude awhile back when they were getting their new baskets...?? Good luck getting your other nine.

A bit of an overstatement. Trust me, the dude (Mark Echoff) did not see the wrath of kenny. He was being obstinate and wouldn't listen, so I just walked away
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Hey Flickdaddy.. Bet I can out flip ya :P
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Jizz, I hate to say, you may be able to flick farther than him, but if this is
Eric the flickdaddy I played with at Icebowl dude has some serious flicking
skills. But I'm sure you'd show him how throw a 400ft flick and how to hit putts outside of 30'. :wink:
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Flickdaddy is the man, played with him at KCWO and he was rusty and still a flickin fool
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Im still the best :shock:
Evreybody dies but not everybody lives...


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disc golf superhero wrote: Just keep zooming in and moving until you find the park.

That works so well for me, thanks.
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