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Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:57 pm
by Schoen-hopper
I posted on the ACDGC facebook page. Here it is:

Course clean up went fairly well. Got started late and only worked for a couple hours. Ty Herrington and Jason Childre showed up to lend a hand. They went at it pretty ferociously. Given more time, we could have got it all done.

The weed whacker "thrasher" lasted all of 20 minutes before the cheap wooden handle broke. So we resorted to "farming" (had to be there). Basically breaking the grass in half in clumps with your bare hands. Got the whole course flagged and a majority of the course ready for play. But it still needs some work tomorrow if anyone can make it out. Use this thread or another to coordinate with people if you want to team up with someone. Make sure you have gloves and some tools. For that tall grass, you can cut it with shears, whack it with a machete or the like, break it in half with your hands, or try to trample it.

Basically any low limbs can be cut and drug off from trees likely to be in play. Especially those close to a tee or basket. The tall grass by some of the tees and baskets needs cut down. Any brush in the fairways needs drug off out of the way. Details to follow...

Here is what still needs done Saturday. I'm working, but may be able to stop by later, maybe 2 or 3 pm. I don't get facebook at work, so you will want to email me at if you want to meet up. No need to wait for me though.
Hole 1: There is some big limbs and such right in the fairway. But it's open enough where the backward relief could help. Lower priority, I'd do it if you have enough people.
Hole 2: Some tall grass by the tee and pin.
Hole 3: Need to trim the clearing by the basket. May need to knock down more grass on the path leading to hole 4.
Hole 4: The mound where the green is needs more work knocking down grass. It's too rough now. If we can't clean it up, we'll need to put the basket off to the left.
Hole 5: It was 6:30 and dark by the time we got to this hole. Thank Childre for taking out the tree blocking the hyzer lane. Low branch trimming would be good.
Hole 6: Need a path cleared to the basket through the tall grass. It may be easy enough to throw over, but it's not much fun walking through that jungle.
Hole 7: Too dark to see, maybe some low limbs on the tree near the basket and trample down the grass near the basket.
Hole 8: This hole needs some work. Cutting low branches and those on the sides. Downed limbs need drug off. Clear around the tee area.
Hole 9: I didn't see much. Trim any limbs poking out into the fairway.
Hole 10: Need to trim thorns and little shoots sticking up out of the ground near the basket. Clear putting lanes around the basket.
Hole 11: The tee is right in a bunch of scrubby grass. It needs cleared out somehow. Basket is way down there. Maybe another 40 past where it was last year. Longest putt on this hole, so maybe trim up some of the low limbs on the nearest tree.
Hole 12: There is a mess of thorns in the trees to the left, but I don't know much can be done about it. Trample grass around basket.
Hole 13: The "gap" on this hole has closed considerably, but most of the limbs are too high unless you have a ladder or pole saw. Grass and thorns need cleared near the tee.
Hole 14: Decided to make this a hyzer hole with a shorter pin, so don't worry about the downed tree. Tall grass near the tee and low limbs in fairway and near basket.
Hole 15: We worked a lot on this hole. Childre and Ty were taking out whole trees. The end of the left gap could be cleared some more. The beginning part of the left gap is worlds better now. Tall grass by the pin.
Hole 16: We worked on the tall grass by the pin, but I'm sure it could use more.
Hole 17: Shortened the hole so everyone could throw over the grass. A little tall stuff by the pin, but we pretty much cleaned this hole up.
Hole 18: Done!

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:58 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Maybe print this list off and the map too. Or just go out there and do what makes sense. Main thing left is clearing out tall grass and some trimming / hauling work on hole 8. UPDATE: My plans have changed again. Just found out I'm not working tomorrow. Who plans on doing any ice bowl course work and what time would you want to meet up? I'm thinking noon, perhaps. Need tools for whacking or cutting grass, some loppers, a saw, gloves, etc.

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:08 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Just heard Bob Decker is kicking in a ridiculous amount of discs for the raffle.

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:21 am
by rca300
I will be out around noon. would a chainsaw or gas weed eater help at all? I can bring loppers too.

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:56 pm
by Schoen-hopper
We got the course work done today! Your work crew was Ryan Ashby, Stephen Volbruck, Jerry Sherwood, and myself. It was a great effort. 25 man hours compared to about 6 last year. We problably went from the worst course condition to the best with the effort that was put in. Still some tall grass in a few places, but you can usually avoid them. Bigger throwing lanes on most holes. Ryan really kicked some butt with his weed eater until it broke down. Volbruck bought another weed cutter hand sling tool and we managed not to break it. We even used the chainsaw on a few holes. Now if I can lift my arms to throw a disc tomorrow it will be well worth it! Hope everyone enjoys. We'll have special rules for any dangerous lies you may get into. Remember to be careful out there. See you tomorrow!

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:59 pm
by Schoen-hopper
It'll be pushing 60 degrees tomorrow with sunshine and not much wind, just enough to make it interesting. It's looking like this will be another great year for the tournament and the donation. Come out and hang out with your ACDGC buddies tomorrow and help us raise money for the Kansas Food Bank. It'd be a real effort, but we could beat our $3400 record last year. Thanks for everyone supporting!

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:58 pm
by ChainedEvil
So the players pack includes a mini and a freddy's food voucher??

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:41 pm
by Ring
Careful what ya ask!

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:13 am
by ChainedEvil
I was just curious is all, since on I've never played in an Ice Bowl before. I wasn't trying to be snide or dis respectful. Sorry if it seemed that way. Sounds like a good time either way.
Thanks again for the info.

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:23 am
by Doug
Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day for a walk in the park! 72 people made that walk chasing their plastic. Results will be shared in the near future as all the tallies are made.

KWCH showed up in the morning. There is a print/video story: ... index.html

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:10 pm
by Doug
Here are a few of the pics I took Sunday at the Ice Bowl.

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:13 am
by Ring
Results anytime soon?

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:45 pm
by Schoen-hopper
25th Annual Ice Bowl Results

Place Last First Score Mulligans

1 Michael Schoenhofer 99 22m (20 used)
2 Crispin Carrasco 101 4m
3 Ben Wiggins 106 4m
4 Jehramy Heckman 108 17m
5 Mike Junod 110 7m
6 Josh Sapp 124 2m
7 Casey Fluty DNF 9m

1 Chris Smith 99 6m
2 Curtis Broadhurst 100 10m
3 Chris Dendurent 101 15m
4 Kevin Stauffer ? 12m
5 Darren Bottom 110 12m
6 Mike Speer 112 4m
7 Phil Snare 115 17m
8 Bruce Clanton 129 7m
9 DJ Wells 142 7m

1 Bill Paulson 102 34m (16 used)
2 Lyndell Masters 114 12m
3 David Stanford 119 8m

Open Women
1 Miranda Fulton 128 12m

1 Andrew Riner 102 8m
2 Mike Unruh 104 17m
3 Taylor Camp 106 13m
4 Joe Boller 114 7m
5 Tim Nispel 108 2m
6 Kidron Riner 109 9m
7 Ryan Doyle 110 7m
8 Daniel Cramer 113 2m
9 Jeff Vest 113 2m
10 Ryan Ashby 114 12m
11 Brian Cornwell 116 7m
12 Jason Childre 116 7m
13 Zach Keasling 117 16m
14 Brian Thompson 122 2m

Am Masters:
1 Todd Potter 112 12m
2 Eddie Santos 134 37m (36 used)
3 Kevin Trantham 153 7m

Am Grandmasters:
1 Stephen Volbruck 109 45m (45 used)
2 David Blackwell 116 15m
3 Tom Diener 116 12m
4 Stephen Brown 117 42m (42 used)
5 Keith Palmer 122 7m
6 Tod Palmer 123 7m
7 Bill Taylor 126 7m
8 Harley Nelson 139 12m

Am Senior Grandmasters:
1 Bob Decker 116 52m (34 used)
2 Marty Hunt 134 12m
3 Jerry Sherwood 135 7m

1 Ryan Clements 110 4m
2 Zach Dobbins 112 10m
3 Derek Dean 114 7m
4 Brian Reems 114 12m
5 Jeff Schoenhofer 115 17m
6 Erick Schoenhofer 116 12m
7 Stanley Horschower 117 7m
8 Chuck Evans 119 17m
9 Aaron Suiter 125 12m
10 Don Zimmerman 131 4m
11 Pearce Ramsey 146 7m

1 Brain Brandos 117 32m (23 used)
2 Jeremy Brown 118 17m
3 Jacob Thoren 122 12m
4 David Poolman 123 19m
5 David Felts / Loyd Majors 123 7m
6 Derek Wilkerson 129 13m
7 Jessie Riddle 139 8m
8 Michael Chisholm 140 7m
9 Eric Kenning 140 4m
10 Dillon Wagggerman 147 2m
11 Stephen Cummins 153 4m

Am Women:

1 Gustavo Ocampo 163 4m

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:57 am
by discscout
But how much money was raised

Re: Annual ACDGC Ice Bowl

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:55 am
by Schoen-hopper
We had 71 players in attendance for our 25th annual Wichita Ice Bowl. The temp topped out at 63 degrees. Believe it or not, it was not as warm as last year, but the wind was considerably less. The sun was shining and it was a fantastic day for throwing discs. Channel 12 came out and their video coverage was dubbed "Ice Bowl turns into Nice Bowl". Here it is, if you haven't seen it yet. ... index.html

A big thanks to those who helped with preparing the course. Ryan Ashby, Jerry Sherwood, Ty Herrington, Jason Childre, Stephen Volbruck, Mike Schoenhofer. I think it made a huge difference and the course ended up playing pretty well, considering the rough nature. Mike Master-Of-The-Mulligan Schoenhofer ended up buying the win in open with a score of 99. Chris Smith won Masters also with 99. Top round was 47: 1st round Chris Dendurent, 2nd round Mike Schoenhofer. Am top score bounty was won by Andrew Riner with a 102, including a 2nd round 49. I witnessed Ryan Clements score 6 birdies in 8 holes and shoot 50 in the second round (110 total) to win intermediate. I also witnessed Derek Dean, first round, throw his first ace on hole 14 with a Stiletto, tightly skipped around the cedar tree guarding the basket. He earned $122 for this perfect shot! I'm missing a few pro scorecards, but a few other notable stats. Nothing higher than a 3 on the card both rounds for Mike Schoenhofer. Ryan Doyle and Curtis Broadhurst both scored 2 both rounds on hole 18. Big thanks to everyone who brought baskets and took them to and fro the course. Ryan Doyle's 8 foot tall basket on hole 17 was an absolute riot! Scores ranged from 2 to 8 on that hole. Lyndell Masters and Todd Potter scored 2 on it both rounds. Didn't see any 2's on the 3 toughest holes: hole 11 (about 600 feet), hole 3, and hole 16. Most improved player from last year had to be Gustavo, shooting 27 throws better!

There are a lot of people who helped this event come together and succeed. Thanks to Bob and Jerry and Doug for helping me prior to the event. Thanks to everyone who helped with registration, adding cards, and awards, and especially to Bob for all the work he put in. Thanks to everyone bringing the great food. We had lots of chili, chicken chili, beef stew, and it was all very good! Thanks most of all to the ladies who helped prepare lunch and clean up afterwards. That would be Pam Paulson, Sandy Volbruck, Melissa Speer, and Rachel Safarik. You gals are greatly appreciated!

The biggest story of this year's Ice Bowl may be the generous donations given. It is growing by leaps and bounds, and very much so this year. Not counting mulligan sales, here are some of the donations that were received: Buddy Kassner donated $200 even though he could not attend the event. Thanks again, Buddy! Mark Wilson (also did not play) donated $105, acquired $25 from US Tool Grinding, kicked in some raffle prizes, and brought in almost $600 worth of free meals from Freddy's Frozen Custard! Duck's Flying Discs donated $100 and coupons for the player packs. Play It Again Sports donated $100. Thanks very much for those seeking outside sponsorship. Sherwood Realty donated $100. Bob Decker donated $100 as he has every year. Ace Mason showed up and gave us some money. Bill Paulson and Miranda donated their winnings. David Felts and several others added some donation to their entry fees. We had 9 CTP prizes and 25 different raffle prizes. Some of those contributing to that were Bob Decker ($250+ worth of discs donated), the ACDGC, Crispin Carrasco / Hand Eye, Brian Thompson, Jerry Sherwood, and Mark Wilson. Darren Bottom won the basket and says he will give it away at the Little River Food Drive next Saturday.

Over $2000 was brought in from raffle / mulligan sales and entry fees alone. A huge thanks is deserved for everyone who attended and contributed to our effort this year. The total still needs checked, finalized, and approved by the board, but I can say that we are looking very competitive with last year's $3400 record. Which is completely awesome! Thanks for being so generous and helping to feed those less fortunate. Every year I look forward to being a part of such an amazing effort and it just keeps getting better! Congrats to the winners and I hope everyone had a good time. Until we do it again next year,
Michael Schoenhofer