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Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 1:10 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Here are some notes from last night. Thought it easier to list it all in one spot rather than list in many threads. Only 1 person stuck around for the meeting, so had to make some (tentative) work assignments. Almost anyone listed below could use help with some of this. Let's stay in contact and get this stuff knocked out. Feel free to comment here.

-Derby can auger the holes when we are ready to install benches. After Doo Dah. (Bill)

-Colwich will auger the holes out for tee signs and pin placements as soon as mid June. After that, we need a workday to install at least 10 holes. (Bill)

-Need to get existing mulch on the course. (Bo Carrasco, Russ Trice, Joe Boller: Thursday)
-Have new mulch delivered, possibly by this weekend. (Mike Scho)
-Workdays for new mulch. Everyone who has a truck can help with this anytime. Bring shovels, rakes, and gloves. I will try to get it dumped so we can use a flat shovel to scrape it off the road. (Big job: anyone, anytime, including next weekend)
-Need course report. (Anyone?) Some nickels need replaced. Could contact city for welding our spare nickels (Mike Scho) or could assemble with U-bolts ( Brad Cox).
-Stickers on nickels may need replaced. (Mike Scho)
-Check course for leaning baskets. We could get these re-set if needed. (Anyone?)
-Contact Larry Hoetmer and Riverside Association for approval on benches at Oak. This could also eliminate need for tee signs. (Mike Scho, Bob, Bill)

-Benches to be installed Saturday, starting at 3pm. Mike will finish starting hole locations for 15 benches, likely on Friday. Digging can start earlier on Saturday if possible. Need sharpshooters, spades, post hole diggers, twist auger, yardstick, gloves. 3+ men needed for digging (will be difficult). Holes need to be 20" deep and centered 36" apart. Dug halfway or more with sharpshooter, dug deeper with post hole digger, finished with twist auger, and for added stability, can use spade or other scooping tool to slightly widen the very bottom of the hole.
For the concrete work, we will need a truck. Will need concrete picked up beforehand, at least 20 bags. Will research closest location and best price for concrete (Mike Scho). Can drop off bags of concrete and benches on each hole first. Need wheel barrow, concrete mixing box, 5 gal buckets for water, sharpshooters, spades, level, tamping tool marked at 19" or 20". Hole depths will be set by tamping some sand in the bottom of the holes and making sure benches are level both directions. Concrete will be mixing in the box and scooped in the hole gradually. Benches will be re-checked for level before set. (Need wheel barrow from Crispin (Bo could get), and post hole digger from Jeharamy. For help: Taylor, Mike Scho, James Osborn, Bo Carrasco after 4:30, Mike Speer after 6:00, possibly Don Scho, possibly Brad Cox). First thing to figure out is who will get the concrete and how they will pay for it.
-Other work. Moving tee signs on a couple holes, may install a tee sign on hole 11, add concrete to secure pin placement on hole 11, remove broken bench on hole 8. Plan is to leave benches on holes 3 long, 13 short, 15 short, 16 short, 16 long, 18 short. We will take off the top boards for these and put new on. Top boards can be stained green and side boards can be painted black on old benches. This will give them a few more years of life. (Bill is making 6 new bench top boards).
-Tee signs. Need new laminations. Might try to use Iqbals files again? New laminations need to be UV resistant, be secured with something very strong so they will never peel off, and be sized to fit varying tee sign dimensions. (Taylor)

-Mowing immediately prior to the event: Vyff contacted, haven't yet heard from McCoskey. (Mike Scho)
-Trash clean up at league. (Mike and Mike will hand out bags).
-Sponsor tee signs planted at both courses. (Mike Scho Friday before tourney)
-String river OB at Herman Hill. Holes 6, 14, 15, 16, & 17. May need to buy new string or supplies for securing. (Mike Speer, during week before tourney).
-Paint circles at 10 meters. (Crispin & Ronnie, Thursday or Friday before tourney)
-Mark mandatories, flag drop zones, flag tees, flag additional OB: hole 5 at Oak, hole 10 at HH. (Mike Scho, Friday before tourney).
-Course closed signs. Need to be up Friday night. 2+ at Oak, 1 at Herman Hill. Hole 1 location and any entrances where the sign would be visible. (Mike Speer & Mike Scho?)
-No parking signs. Put in on hole 1 at HH. (Mike Speer)
-Ice water. DD will bring jugs. We can use some of our old coolers to fill up with ice and put bottled water in. Will need to get these on and off the course each morning at Oak. Hole 1 and hole 12 are good locations. (Need volunteers)

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 1:29 pm
by Schoen-hopper
First priority is the benches at Herman Hill and the woodchips at Oak.

For the woodchips, I'll ask if we can get a big load dumped. The parks department will be very busy during riverfest preparation, so we should get this delivered now and then get it on the course as soon as possible, before it gets rained on too much. Would be nice to get this 80-90% done by next weekend (not this weekend). Then we could use the remainding amount for touch up on any spots needed immediately before the tourney. Anyone with a truck and tools can work on the chips. I may try to get people together for a more official workday after the benches are done.

For the benches, earliest I can start Saturday is 3pm. I'll try to get all the holes marked before Saturday. So someone could start digging earlier on Saturday and get a head start (see previous post for details). We need someone with a truck. Right now, there are some maybes plus Me, Taylor, James Osborn. Bo can come, but not unti 4:30 or 5:00pm. Need someone with a truck to go get concrete. Sutherlands at K-15 and MacArthur has 80lb bags for $3.70 each. Need at least 20 bags or $75 worth. Not sure how much weight a pickup can hold. Can someone do this? I could ask Bo, but it would be 6pm before we could get concrete to the course. Need more people for this project to have any hope of getting it done Saturday. Will work on Sunday if we cannot complete Saturday, but would prefer not to. Need 3+ people on a digging crew, 3+ people on a concrete crew. As of right now, there will be 15 bench locations. 1S,2L,3S,4S,5S,6S,6L,7S,8S,9L,10S,11S,12S,14S,17S. 6 of the 7 benches on the course will soon get new top boards and paint and we won't have to tear them out.

Who can help?

Need tools also. If you can't help, but you could lend tools, bring them to me at Oak Park on Thursday. Need post hole diggers, sharpshooters, spades, 5 gal buckets, something that would make for a good tamping tool, any other helpful concrete tools. I will ask Bo if he can pick up Crispin's wheel barrow.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 4:32 pm
by jump_putter
Sorry, I had to leave before the meeting last nite, but I wanted to recommend taking OUT the "pins" for the settings not being used for herman hill after the mowing has been completed and before the tourney begins.. These do interfere with some holes.....just my opinion......I would be willing to do this..... See yall saturday

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 4:39 pm
by smitty
I think that is a good idea Ronald. Hole 7 comes to mind instantly. I will be there Friday with my pick-up. I will help you if you can get the ok.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 5:58 pm
by Schoen-hopper
I've never hit one. Just another obstacle to me. But if you want to remove the pole on hole 7, that is fine. Are there any other holes where this is really an issue?

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 9:20 pm
by cfluty
Maybe 3 and 5?

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 10:52 pm
by disclizard
I would leave them in. Like mike said its just another obstical and every one has the same advatage or disadvvantage. It up to you to leave your next shot in a place where it doesn't interfear.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 10:59 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Doesn't matter, as long as they get put back in after the event. Who can help me get some concrete Saturday?

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 8:10 am
by Schoen-hopper
Awesome job from Bo and several others getting chips on the course. Should be another pile delivered soon, not sure when. As long as we get it down before the tourney, we'll be in good shape. We should try to do dirt again next year, that is what is really needed on some of these heavily used tees.

Looked through the course during league. Missing nickels on holes 1, 9, and 16. Will try to get these re-welded with some spares I found in the clubhouse. 12, 15, 17 are leaning ever so slightly down the hill. 12 is worst. These don't have to be done right away, but when we do fix these, some kind of erosion control would be helpful like some landcape timbers, large stones or such.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 9:27 am
by Schoen-hopper
I heard from enough people who said they could help, that it looks like this will be a go for Saturday.

As far as tools to bring, any of the following would be helpful:
Pickup truck, post hole digger, sharpshooter, hand spade, level, yardstick... I made up a tamping tool that should work good. The hand spade, or a small bowl could be used for widening the bases for stability. Bo will bring a wheel barrow, we also have a plywood mix box. What we really need that I don't have anything for yet are tools for mixing concrete. A rod of sorts could work for mixing it in the hole, but we will mostly be mixing it in a box or a wheel barrow, so something with a flat that you can use to push or drag mud... like a miniature ho or the like?

Here's the list of what I'd like to get done Saturday if all goes as planned.
-Dig 30 holes for benches and install with concrete.
-Pour new sleeve for 11's short pin. The old one is the last of the batch we poured in that quick-dry stuff and the sleeve has broken away from it.
-Dig a hole for a new tee sign on hole 11. Bolt the new sign to the new pole and concrete install.
-Remove bench on hole 8 long.
-Re-level existing 7 benches. These are on holes 3 long, 13 short, 14 long, 15 short, 16 short, 16 long, & 18 short. We may be able just to dig them up a bit, move them around till they are level both directions, and pound dirt in place. Or we could clean the holes out and add some concrete to the bases. The bench tops will be replaced on these benches soon, and repainted, but not Saturday.
-Level 18's short sign and any other leaners. Lowest priority.

Looks like it will be rain off and on all day today. This will make the digging easier. Digging can start anytime tomorrow if you have tools, I just can't get there till 3pm. On the digging, here's what I'm thinking: Do most of the digging with a sharpshooter. Once you get down so deep you can't get the dirt out without makeing the hole bigger, use a post hole digger. Finish the hole with the twist auger. If the holes look good, this may be unneccesary. Final touch will be using a hand spade or bowl and digging the very bottom of the hole out. The holes should be centered exactly 36" apart. The yardstick is helpful with measuring this. They have been started at 36" apart, but it is easy for the holes to move as they are dug deeper. The holes should be about 20" deep. The concrete crew will have a tamping tool, so they can throw just a little sand back in the hole, tamp it down, and set the final hole depth at 19", which will be marked on the tamper. This will give a 19" bench height. The concrete crew will put the bench in the hole, check it for level both ways, and begin the mix and pour.

New bench locations will be 1 short, 2 long, 3 short, 4 short, 5 short, 6 short, 6 long, 7 short, 8 short, 9 long, 10 short, 11 short, 12 short, 14 short, 17 short.
15 in all. With 7 repaired benches, we will have 22 total. We'll have 3 extra new ones for showing as an example for Oak Park, or for use at Derby or Colwich. 6 more new ones Scheduled to go in at Derby also; Bill is making these.

The hole locations have been started for all of these. The only problem may be with 6's long location. I tried to find the flattest spot on this hillside. I hit some construction debris rock when digging the spot behind the bench. So I found another location up the hill and closer to the tee to the right. Pretty rocky there too, might just use the first location. It will be hard digging in this rocky stuff, but we've done it before when pouring the sleeves.

Plan might be to get first 3 guys on digging bench holes, next 3 guys on the concrete crew, new few guys to help with leveling the old benches and digging holes for 11's tee sign and short pin. At some point before the concrete crew begins, the benches can all be taken out to the bench locations with 2 or 3 trips with a pickup truck.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 11:31 pm
by Schoen-hopper
How did it go with the benches? I can tell you this. We worked hard. And we did a good job.

Make sure to thank Jeff Laha and Bo Carrasco. They worked all day and we didn't leave until about 9:45 pm. Also thanks to Jacob Laha, Jerry Sherwood, Tom Diener, Ron Unruh, and Don Zimmerman for lending a hand.

We got 14 benches dug and poured. We installed a new sign on hole 11 and replaced the short sleeve on hole 11.

Benches still need to be dug on hole 8 and 13. Was going to do short location for hole 8, but got some feedback that long would be better. We kept running into concrete when digging hole 8; eventually it got dark on us.

Also still need to re-level the old benches. I think we should try to get them at 18" high. Most of them are below that now. So we dig around them and lift them up a bit, level them, mix and add some concrete, and we're done.

Some other day soon, we'll have to get some black paint and some more green. Then we unscrew the bench tops and paint the sides black. The tops will be new, so we'll have to wait until these are made before we attempt any painting. The bench tops will be green, like the new ones, and could/should be installed the day after the sides are painted black. One other thing: we stacked the benches before they were fully dry. So they stuck together and now need touched up. We have enough green stain for this, but maybe not for 7 new bench tops.

I might be game tomorrow for doing the last 2 new benches are re-levelling the old benches. It'd have to be about 1pm. I'll do it if there are at least 3 other who want to do it tomorrow as well. Only about a 2 hour job with 4 people and that's about all the longer I want to work. There are enough tools to get the job done, but we will need a truck. If anyone wants to do this, send me a PM with your phone number if I don't have it, or just call me at 612-7896. I'll be home around 11am.

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Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 7:40 pm
by cfluty
Do you have a picture of the benches, or should I just wait the 9 days until I come back to wichita to see them in person?

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 9:16 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Nobody called me today, so the job didn't get finished. Same plan tomorrow: if someone with a truck would like to help, I can meet you at the course at 4pm or later. PM me or call me at work: 526-8674. Give it a couple of rings; if I don't answer, I'm not at my desk. I will not be available on Tuesday, unless someone wanted to work during league. Otherwise I will not be at league.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 1:53 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Got to go by the city building and drop of the nickels for Oak Park, then I'm going by Herman Hill about 4:15pm. Nobody with a truck has called me yet. If anyone is available, just come by. Otherwise this job will have to wait.

Re: Course Work / Tournament Preparation

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 10:58 pm
by Schoen-hopper
Got'r done. Thank our Buddy Kassner and our Don & Karl Schoenhofer. It wouldn't have got done without them.

We ended up using all the available benches. Put in 3 more: 8 long, 13 long, and 15. 15, we replaced with a new bench. Benches on 3 long, 13 short, 16 long, & 18 short were fairly solid / level enough. We dug up 16 short and 14 long benches, re-leveled, and added more concrete.

As soon as the new top boards are done and we get some new paint, we will finish refurbishing the old benches.