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Carey Park

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Carey Park

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Good evening friends and fam. Thought that I would take the time to share a bit of what is going on at our lovely Carey Park and Salt City league.

This last year alone we've added to the party at Carey Park: three new bunkers (one giant one on hole 9 dubbed Large Marge, another one, short on hole 11 and a nice little diddy long on 16). We've also plotted thirty plus trees/bushes across the course. Obviously, if you've been out there in the last week there are dozens more flags out and yes, those were going to be trees too! "Were"? Yes, it has got late in the season for tree transplant, so we'll pick up where we left off with those, next fall/winter.

One of the first things that needed to be done was the acquisition of trash receptacles. While we COULD use a few more, the few we have, have been put to great use and the course is looking good for having them.

There is still another bunker going in on hole 11, and perhaps another elsewhere AND perhaps a nice elevated basket on a soon to be named hole! Pens are still on paper for these gems. While it may or may not seem like a lot, our course has been in its best form recently. Least years Salt City Open showed off a BEAUTIFUL Carey Park. The City of Hutchinson has been more that accommodating and we appreciate that they share our vision of this courses potential.

2014 sparked SCFCs first year as an active league. Its been quite the time. Next month is indeed our ONE year an-hyzer-iversary (see what I did there?!). League has been a series of great times. Averaging anywhere from fifteen to thirty golfers a nite, twice a week. I believe that we're somewhere in the late eighties, early ninties as far as tags out now. Tag holders range as close as Little River, Newton and Wichita and as far as Pittsburg, KC and Colorado. We've had a successful food drive and have a Trilogy Challenge coming quickly in June, and our KDGA Event, Salt City Open coming in August.

We've still a bunch of plans up our sleeves and cool things coming. Its been a great year and we're incredibly grateful to ALL of the support from all of our members/supporters near and far. Much love to you guys! Hope to see ya around soon!
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