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Food Drive Results.

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Food Drive Results.

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Wow. what a fantastic day....
Food Drive.....

Richard Norwood 49
Christopher Mattison 49
Ian S. Ray 50
Matthew Newton 53
Alexander Freeland 53
Brock Ratzlaff 55
Bubba 55
James Lucia 57
Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 58
Kayla Griffin (Adam) 59arr
Kim White 61
Lanse Small 64
Dennis Weaver 64
Chad Cole 70

I believe that as a whole we raised $1068 plus a whole slew of canned goods for the reno county food bank. thanks to Kayla Griffin, Ryan Kintigh, Chris Smith Darren Bottom, All of our sponsors for it. The Carey Park Golf Course for letting us use the clubhouse. KDGA (Kansas Disc Golf Association) for the opportunity to have it. Thank you to all the participants. You ballsy cool cats came in and rocked. NOT ONE PERSON FLUTTERED at the elements and you cats made this happen. Thank you, you beautiful people....
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