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Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon May 05, 2014 10:59 pm
by Newt
First off, thanks to the guys, the badasses, who went and rock and rolled @ GBO this weekend and STILL showed up to our first league nite. Thank you guys. Salt City Flight Club has taken flight.

Cinco de Mayo results

Richard Norwood 49$$$(pro)
Kyle Anthony Norwood 52$$(pro)
Dale Bare 52$(pro)
Tom V. 52
Stan H 53
M@ 53
Brock Ratzlaff 53
Jeffrey Updegrove 53
Ryan Kintigh 55$$ (am)
Mario Mendoza 57
Ian Ray 58
Alexander Freeland 58
Zach Keasling 58$(am)
Jon Carroll 59
Brian Reeves 59
Cody K (Kron) 60
Tony klassen 60

Next league round is next Tuesday, 5:30. Ten for tag, five to play. Get in on the action. We're only going to get better and do way cooler things.

Darren, Rich Norwood is enjoying your tag....:)

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 9:30 am
by LeftyMagik
Great turn out last night guys!! Hopefully next round I can crack into the Black!!!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 11:08 am
by LeftyMagik
Don't forget the 2nd round (ever) of the Club is tomorrow @ 530!!! If it's your first round bring $15. If you made it last week bring your $5 for me! :wink: I'm ready to crack into those black tags!!!! :mrgreen: Looks like the weather SHOULD be a little better than it's been the last couple days. Hope to see you there!!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 5:09 pm
by Newt

Dates for the rest of May as follows

Tuesday May 13, 5:30 @ Carey
Friday May 23, 8:30 @ Carey (glow round, tee off @ or before 9 firm.)
Thursday May 29, 5:30 @ Carey. (They'll all be a Carey, i'll just save myself from typing it.)

Monday June 2, 5:30
Tuesday June 10, 5:30
Friday June 20 8:30 (glow, tee off before 9)
Thurs June 26, 5:30

Monday July 7, 5:30
Tuesday July 15, 5:30
Friday July 25, 8:30 (GLOW!!!!)
Thursday July 31, 5:30

Bring your game out tomorrow! Ace fund is currently @ $42

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Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 9:13 pm
by Newt
Tuesday was a go!

Richard Norwood 49$$$
Tom Vierthaler 51$$
Jeff Updegrove 52$
Stanley Hoschouer 55
Ian Ray 56
Mario Mendoza 56
Dale Bare 57
Kyle Norwood 58
Matt Newton 58
Brian Reeves 58
Jon Carroll 61
Tony Klassen (am) 62$$
Alex Freeland 62
Ryan Kintigh 62
Zack Keys (am) 64$ (bringyourtag!!!)
Cody Kronister (am)69

Ace @ 58 bones and...
Next Friday IS (cue dramatic music) GLOW FRIDAY! Lights being ordered tomorrow, Show up @ 8:30 to get your gear ready, tee off @ or before 9 p.m. firm. Come getcher glow on son.

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Posted: Tue May 20, 2014 8:42 pm
by Newt
It's a busy, crazy week brochachos, but, the light at the end of your weekly tunnel is a glow round @ our lovely Carey! They say it may rain, if that occurs we'll plan it accordingly by ear. Until then, Friday, show @ 8:30, get ready, and everyone out playing by nine. We WILL have extra lights for sale for those that don't have them. 5 bones gets you a set.

Also, for the month of June our current schedule will shuffle a bit and incorporate third Wednesdays (which is/was a LRDGC day) We'll mix it up a bit and see how things go. I'll post a sched. up after a bit.

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Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 11:03 am
by scarpfish
For those confused about where and when league will be what week, and which of the two organizations is doing it, I'm having these handy pocket schedules made up that you can keep in your car, bag or wallet. I'm going to run to Officemax and have them printed up today. They will be available by next Wednesday LRDGC and Thursday SCFC leagues. Possibly sooner if I run into Matt or Darren before then. You can also download this to your computer and print one off.


I will also be making a full size flyer for the Carey bulletin board, but I probably won't post it until we get through this rainy forecast week ahead of us.

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Posted: Fri May 23, 2014 4:04 pm
by Newt
Scarpfish... I love it. The two logos on the bottom is straight CLASSY Scott! The Tuesday/Wednesday (in July) may change a bit (I'll get crafty with it but it'll work) but its not an issue, but these will most certainly work sir. Thanks Scott, you the man.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Fri May 23, 2014 6:28 pm
by Darren B
I agree thanks Scott

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 10:30 pm
by Newt
Thursday May 29 A successful full month of the rotating schedule!

Jeffrey Updegrove 48 $$$ (awesome round sir!)
Mario Mendoza 52 $$
Adam Bleything 55 $
Ryan Kintigh 56
Matthew Newton 57
Jonathan Carroll 58
Zach Keasling 60 $$ (AM)
Alexander Freeland60
Tony Klassen 60
Cody Chronister 61 $ (AM)
Scott Carpenter 61 (AM)
Josh Stringfellow 62 (AM)

Awesome evening! More to come! Redemption comes Next round! Monday, June 2 @ 5:30.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:52 pm
by Newt
2 June

Richard Norwood 51 $$
Mario Mendoza 51 $$$
Josh Carroll 51 $$$$
Brian Reeves 52 $
Ian S. Ray 52
Ryan Kintigh 52
Dale Bare 53
Matthew Newton 53
Casey Frischenmeyer 53 $$ (am)
Tom V 54
Stan H 56
Jeffrey Updegrove 56
Alexander Freeland 58
Zach Keasling 58 $ (am)
Josh Stringfellow 59 (am)
Cody Chronister 63 (am)

Congrats to Josh Carroll on an awesome field ace from and errant throw on five (hundred+ easy) and to follow it up with a bird on..... NINE!!! Wow. Your next round is paid for sir.

next Tuesday and 530, the fun continues....

If you're going to be late, let us know, we'll hold a card up.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:53 pm
by Newt
On this tenth day of the sixth month...

Darren Bottom shot a 45 $$$
Josh Carroll ran at him with a 46 $$
Christopher Mattison did work with 47 $
Richard Norwood shot a 50
Dale Bare 53
Matthew Newton 53
Jeffrey Updegrove 53
Kyle Anthony Norwood 54
Tony Klassen 54 $ (who donated his 5 bones to fellow AM Sean Bueford)
Jonathan Carroll 56
Ryan Kintigh 56
Sean Bueford 72
Ace to,,, 98 bones. Tomorrow is Wednesday which means LRDGC is in Hutch, come get some! Next SCFC league is NEXT Wednesday @ 530 in the p.m. AND a bonus GLOW ROUND Friday just after! You folks get spoiled with disc golf league. Ghah...

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Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:24 pm
by Newt
This Wednesday! SCFC League @ 530 as well as Friday @ 830 for some GLOW action. Nice, very nice indeed.

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Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:00 pm
by Newt
Tonight was AWESOME! Largest group yet! Twenty-four of you showed and got your disc on. 12 ams and 12 pros! Thanks to you all! Scores as follows

Darren Bottom 46 $$$$ (bird-daddy)
Christopher Mattison 51 $$$
Matthew Newton 54 $$
Mario Mendoza 55 $
Jeffrey Updegrove 55
Brian Shields 56
Ian S. Ray 56
Stanley Hoschouer 56
Ryan Kintigh 57
Todd Potter 57
Tom Vierthaler 57
Dobbins 60 (am) $$
Casey Frischenmeyer 60 (am) $
Tim 61 (am)
Scott Carpenter 62 (am)
Jonathon Carroll 62
Dennis 62 (am)
Tony Klassen 63 (am)
Adan Israel Rivera 63 (am)
Adam Voth 63 (am)
Honky 66 (am)
Mike Chisolm 66 (am)
Perry 73 (am)
Javier Rivera76 (am)

We threw something new into the mix. From now on, AM division players get one mulligan per NINE holes. SO, you will get your TWO shots on one as usual, PLUS one more mulligan for the next eight holes, and an additional mulligan for your respective back nine. Enjoy! Also, we made the rule, Darren Bottom nailed it. He awesomely (depending on who you ask, bubba) birdied 14 with his putt landing on TOP of the basket. Way to go buddy. Next round is Friday Glow Round 8:30! Ace fund goes to 122, hitter takes half!

We've also sold out ALL 35 original tags. Next order will be here by Friday, Tony Klassen, we'll get ya tagged up and thanks for helping out! Lights should be available Friday for sale. Hope to see you there and if by chance you get the chance, hit Little River on sunday, 10:00 in the a.m.!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:55 pm
by Newt
I figured that with it being after the holidays and 100 degrees plus, we'd have minimal attendance. Nyet! 20 of you chuckers showed! Fantastic!

Darren Bottom (former double belt holder) 48
Brian Reeves 50
Jeffrey Updegrove 50
Bubba Hoschouer 52
Matthew Newton 53
Ryan Kintigh 54
Dale Bare 55
Josh Carroll 56
Jonathan Carroll 56 am
Justin Faucett 56 am
Kyle Anthony Norwood 57
Ian S. Ray 58
Ryan Corkins 60 am
CJ 61 am (and thank you very much for you assistance at the end!)
Tim Weaver 63 am
Cody Chronister 64 am
Alexander Freeland 64 am
Dennis Weaver 65 am
Javier Rivera 71 am
Zakk 79

More league to come! Wednesday LRDGC! 530! Also, If you didn't see it, the discs are in for the Little River Redskin Rendezvous! Get registered early and get your sweet disc! Don't forget Glow Round, Friday, Show up @ 800 in the p.m. Maybe there'll be food, maybe some beverages. Eh!?

Ace is @ 151 bones! (seventyfive of that coud be yours Jeffrey Updegrove!,next time)