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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:33 pm
by Newt
Wind and Rain? Bring it. 28 mens men showed and tested their fortitude against the elements, and champ through they did! Reg course at Carey Park Disc Golf Course, Par 54

Branden "The Swede" Nelson 49 $$$$$
Matthew Newton 52
Mario Mendoza 53 $$$$
Tom Vierthaler 54 $$$ (I've your tag and dollars)
James Lucia 55 $$
Ian S. Ray 56 $
Chris McLinn 57
Austin William Rea 57
Dale Bare 57
Miguel Jose Mendez 57
Brian Shields 57
Dirk Kukula 59
Gerrod Hearon 59
Jeremy Kindy 61
Parker Smith 61
Alexander Freeland 71 (Happy Birthday you handsome Devil!)

Bentley Richert 58 $$
Alex Davis 59 $
Lanse Small 65
Ryan Moore 65 (I have your tag too bro)

Keith Gregg 56 $$$
Mark Gregg 62 $$
Daytona TeeJay Naab 64 $
Dustin Young 65
Keehnan Ford 66
Andrew 66
Josh Bengtson 69
Dakota 73

Tags will be in THIS week, thanks for the help with that today fellas Jeffrey Updegrove, welcome to the league gents! Pulling 28 today was awesome, thanks for coming out! Ace to $818. Working on Fairgrounds Saturday morning, if we are a go on it, we'll need baskets. I'll post about that by Thursday! Have a good week DG Fam, LRDGC will be in on Wednesday. Check 'em. Love to ya all, Throw and be well bromigos

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:17 am
by Newt
Carey Park @ ten dubs, chucks

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:27 pm
by Newt
Mondays gig pulled 34 attendees, regular course, in the rain. It was a perfect day for disc.

Jeffrey Updegrove​ 50 $$$$$$
Josh Carroll​ 52 $$$$$
Matt Newton 52 $$$$
Brian Shields​ 54 $$$
Dale Bare 55 $$
Adam Strand 55 $
Dusty Allen​ 55
Miguel Jose Mendez​ 56
Adam Bleything​ 56
Dirk Kukula​ 57
Troy Flager​ 58
Austin William Rea​ 58
Gerrod Hearon​ 59
Chris McLinn​ 59
Alex Davis 61
Parker Smith​ 63
Justin Faucett​ 63

Bentley Richert​ 53 $$$ (Good Shooting B!)
Shawn Hobbs​ 56 $$
Mark Gregg​ 58 $ (Thank You Bromigo)
Ryan Moore​ 58
Lanse Small​ 60
William Cole Norberg​ 63
Daytona TeeJay Naab​ 64

Ryan Moss​ 54 $$$$
Jordan 57 $$$
Duke Weaver 58 $$
Dennis Weaver​ 61 $
Keehnan Ford​ 66
Jesse 67
Anthony Redinger​ 70
Dakota 73
Tanner Rue​ 73
Caleb Alonso Sr.​ 78

Tricky start, but smoothed out quickly. We'll go back to rolling down the list rather than
pick card partners, so if you're wanting to get on a card with yer buddy, sign in with him/her.

We had a brochacho end up losing a Disc, Anthony Reddinger had a Blue Firebird end up
gone, keep your eyes peeled and be sure that cat gets it back please and thank you.

Our KDGA tournament Salt City Open has open registration, I'll post the link in comments. You'll
most definitely want to be in on that one, we're trying to bring the rest of Kansas in to show them
how we roll. WE can/WILL throw on a legit gig that will bring folks back! If you feel like there is
an opportunity for a sponsorship from your job or anywhere, hit Josh Carroll, Ian Ray or myself up.

See you cats Saturday morning, McPherson Wall Park Dubs sound good? I think it sounds fantastic!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:29 am
by Newt
Rollin north for dubs @ Wall Park! 10:00am!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:41 am
by Newt
Farm Course Tomorrow! If you need a hand getting there, him me up! Shirts are in as well, If ya got one, it will be at the Farm! (Some 2Xs aren't in yet, this week they will be in, order done!)

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:15 pm
by Newt
Mondays Results. The Farm Course runs 20 buckets that puts her at a comfy Par 60, and you, potentially, above par... maybe. She's tricky like that... 33 attendees for the eve. And ACE number two is in the books!

Christopher Mattison 52 $$$$$$
Richard Norwood 55 $$$$$
Dale Bare 58 $$$$
Brock Ratzlaff 58 $$$
Josh Carroll 59 $$
Matthew Newton 59 $
Adam Bleything 61
Adam Strand 61
Brian Shields 61
Casey Frischenmeyer 62
Ian Ray 62
Tom Vierthaler 65
Alexander Freeland 65
Miguel Jose Mendez 66
Parker Smith 66
Chris McLinn 66
Gerrod Hearon 68
Ryan Mothe 70
Mario Mendoza DNF

Jadyn Garcia 61 $$$
Shawn Hobbs 63 $$
Ryan Moore 65 $
Lanse Small 65
Troy Flager 65
Justin Faucett 66
Mason 74
Hagen Dean Kent 75

AM (The scores you've been waiting for)
Keith Gregg 62 $$
William Cole Norberg 62 $ ($475 Ace!)
Dennis Weaver 63
Keehnan Ford 67
Mark Gregg 72
Dustin Young 73

Now, I started calling him Norberg, Then Will, maybe Cole a time or two. Some folks call him Crash, that one seems applicable. Congrats William Cole Crash ACE Norberg on his first ace!

Ace is sitting a little shaken at $475.

Thanks to the Ratzlaff family for having our fam out and putting up with us.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 7:17 pm
by b
whats the schedule for august

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:48 pm
by Newt
Schedule for August is Every Monday at 6 (singles), Satudays at 10 (doubles, random flip) With that said, we wont have league Sat. the 8th. We will be having a glow round Friday the Seventh at about 830, 915 tee off.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:50 pm
by Newt
Monday, Aug 3

William Whillock 48 $$$$$$
Stanley Hoshouer 49 $$$$$
Swede 50 $$$$
Matthew Newton 50 $$$
Ian Ray 51 $$
Jeffrey Updegrove 53 $
Josh Carroll 53
Ryan Moss 53
Brian Reeves 54
Brian Shields 55
Austin William Rea 55
Alexander Freeland 56
Dale Bare 56
Adam Strand 56
Dirk Kukula 57
Chris McLinn 57
Justin Faucett 58
Gerrod Hearon 59
Miguel Jose Mendez 59
Parker Smith 61

Shawn Hobbs 54 $$$
Bentley Richert 56 $$
Ryan Moore 56 $
Troy Flager 58
Lanse Small 58
Jadyn Garcia 59
Brian Weber 60
Hagen Dean Kent 61
Kim White 62

Joe Dillon 56 $$$$
Josh Bengtson 59 $$$
Daytona TeeJay Naab 60 $$
William Cole Norberg 60 $
Keehnan Ford 61
Keith Gregg 61 (CTP winner A)
Mark Gregg 61
Dan 63 (CTP winner B)
The Weaver (Dennis) 64
Spencer Cox 67
Candice White 70

That's forty. Forty for a regular round at Carey Park Disc Golf Course! Welcomed a couple new players and over all had a good time. B Nelson, The Swede hooked up an AM Div CTP, and to cure a bit o confusion I coughed up another! There may be a mix up on third and fourth in AM, don't freak out, PM and I'll clear up any mistakes. DB and LRDGC are in town Wednesday and we're rockin glow Dubs round Friday! Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:10 pm
by Newt
Mondays Results

Jeffrey Updegrove​ 50 $$$$$
William Whillock​ 51 $$$$
Richard Norwood​ 52 $$$
Tom Vierthaler 52 $$
Ian Ray​ 53 $
Dusty Allen​ 54
Matthew Newton​ 54
Casey Frischenmeyer​ 55
Brian Shields​ 55
Justin Faucett​ 56
Alexander Freeland​ 59
Miguel Jose Mendez​ 60
William Cole Norberg​ 60
Dirk Kukula​ 60
Parker Smith​ 60
Gerrod Hearon​ DNF

Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs​ 52 $$$
Brian Weber​ 52 $$
Ryan Moore​ 55 $
Bentley Richert​ 56
Lanse Small​ 58
Troy Flager​ 61
Hagen Dean Kent​ 62

Daytona TeeJay Naab​ 59 $$
Mark Gregg​ 60 $
Andrew 60
Candice White​ 67
Bean 74

We'll be gathering buckets for Saturday morning, Brian Shields has a little doozy he's crafting up for us. Stay tuned for more details. I said Farm Course this Monday, that is NOT correct. We'll, you will be at Carey on Monday, I won't be. My Boys birthday, so have a good time for me!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:05 pm
by Newt
Couple a things folks. 1: league is tomorrow @ The Farm Course with Brock Ratzlaff. We'll be doin things a wee bit different... Flex start from 4-6. You'll sign in, get on a card and play. Tags can be in play, but only within card. Money payout will be taken care of NEXT Monday as well as any ace payouts. Flex start will save us from being out too late and over crowding the field. I'll field questions.

Salt City Open!!! This weekend! @ this point, don't worry about pre-register ing if you haven't already. Just show up day of. We're not even close to fillling so there's plenty of room. We're still accepting sponsors, so if you have any ideas, get hem to me before or by Thursday! Right now we're at about here hundred dollars extra cash, plus prizes. I'll field questions about that too. Just hit me up. We'll have a registration list up here in a bit, as well as a sponsor list.

If you get a chance get out and practise, keep an eye peeled for trash and whatnot.

Get your throwing arm ready Wednesday night with Darren Bottom and LRDGC @ 530.

Take care bro and gals.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:25 pm
by Newt
League resumes tonight, at our usual six o'clock. It will (or may not) be the last nite we start 600. Our summer hours will change shortly with time changes and we'll resume the "winter schedule" which reduces us to only Saturdays. You will all be made well aware of changes as they come along.

Speaking of changes, by months end SCFC should have its own club box, a few of us are working on that and it's a very exciting prospect that will also change some aspects of how we run. For the better most certainly, likewise, when we know, you'll all know.

Our KDGA Salt City Open was a hit. We put 78 on the course, which is the biggest that specific event has been in years (Mr. Rays 2015 Trilogy Challenge has it by two). Thank you to everyone that helped and played, you cats made that happen. A Giant thanks to Darren Bottom and Ryan Kintigh.

Our next big gig is headed by our own "Hich" Rich Norwood. We're bring back Halloween Glow Dubs, in a big way. Stay tuned for that. Also with 2016 on the horizon, we'll steer efforts to ensuring and securing Orchard Park, it's been on the back burner too long.
Thanks again, see you discing fools tonight.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:27 pm
by Newt
I didn't think that we'd pull twenty peeps after Saturday, 37 showed that they're a lil more badass than that. Carey Park Disc Golf Course, regular, par 54

In the mix i didnt get tie winners, hit me up i'll get it.

Matthew Newton 49
Bubba 50
Miguel Jose Mendez 50
Ian Ray 50
Richard Norwood 51
Josh Carroll 51
Jeffrey Updegrove 51
Brian Shields 53
Dale Bare 53
Alexander Freeland 53
Ryan Kintigh 53
Dalton Heiter 55
Dirk Kukula 57
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 58
Parker Smith 59
Dusty Allen 60

Keith Gregg 53 $$$ (boom baby)
Brian Weber 54 $$
Jadyn Garcia 54$
Ryan Moore 55
Troy Flager 55
Bentley Richert 56
Jimmy Harris 62
Mark Gregg 63

Sam Vasquez 57 $$$$
Doug Dick 58 $$$
Phil Burnside 59 $$
Aron White 59 $
Hagen Dean Kent 59
Ty Herrington 60
Keehnan Ford 60
Daytona TeeJay Naab 60
Spencer 61
Terry Ens 61
Anthony Redinger 62
Ernie Sweat 62

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:20 am
by Newt
We're traveling to camp hawk today. 2;00. Happy Labor day

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:10 pm
by Newt
Farm course tomorrow. 330 flex start time, last card out by 6. Y'all know the gig!