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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:15 pm
by Newt
Tonight, was a great night to be a Hyzernaut in Salt City, with the Flight Club! A beautiful night in fact. 22 gents stopped by to rock & roll. Three of those cats are brothers from Newton, which is always a pleasure. After the reaping of our first ace (Thanks Brian Reeves!) the ace fund was at $391 bones today, Par 54 @ our lovely Carey Park Disc Golf Course long three for the big boys...

Chris Smith 45 $$$$
Matthew Newton 45 $$$
William Whillock 48 $$
Branden Nelson (Swede! The Champ!) 51 $
Ryan Kintigh 51
James Lucia 52
Jeffrey Updegrove 54
Zach Keasling 55
Kyle Anthony Norwood 57
Chris McLinn 58
Adam Strand 58
Ian S. Ray 58

Shawn Hobbs 54 $$
Justin Faucett 56 $
Troy Flager 57
Lanse Small 63
Kim White 64
Cody Chronister 72

Jadyn Garcia 58 $$
Brian Weber 61 $
Aron White 66
Chad Cole 68

Slight confusion after the round, glad I caught Smitty before I left, all is well. Friday is Dubs, I'll be out, but we'll figure it out. Thanks to our brothers from Newton for making the trip, we're due in your hood! love to all the Hyzernauts/SCFC, cant wait to see you all again. Peace!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:13 pm
by LeftyMagik

Good Luck to all playing in tourneys this weekend!!

Schedule should be back to normal again on Monday!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:04 pm
by Newt
Another beautiful Monday in the books with 27 in attendance (including 3 new members!) Today was regular course for Ams, Reg course with long 5 for ADV and reg course plus long 5 AND 18 for Pro div. Par still chillin at 54 and ace jumps to $419 after today.

Chris Smith 48 $$$$$ (The Rock Champ!)
Richard Norwood 50 $$$$
William Whillock 51 $$$
James Lucia 52 $$
Alexander Freeland 53 $
Ian S. Ray 53
Matthew Newton 53
Brian Shields 55
Tom Vierthaler 55
Jeffrey Updegrove 56
Ryan Kintigh 57
Dale Bare 57
Chris McLinn 63
Adam Strand 64

Dalton Heiter 55 $$$
Miguel Jose Mendez 55 $ (next round paid)
Troy Flager 57 (next round paid)
Alex Davis 58
Lanse Small 58
Gerrod Hearon 59
Kim White 64

Jadyn Garcia 57 $$
Chad Cole 68
Eric Haskins 69
Hagen Dean Kent 71
Shawn Teppish 77
Sam Vasquez 85

Should be some Dubs action swingin your way this Friday! You folks have a good week! congrats on your wins this last weekend Smitty (Chris Smith) and Darren Bottoms!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:09 pm
by Newt
Windy DG. It was a blast! (like that!?) We kept it regular t'day. Good Ole Carey Park Disc Golf Course​, Par 54

Richard Norwood​ 50 $$$$$ (sneaky bro, sneaky)
Christopher Mattison​ 51 $$$$
Ian S. Ray​ 51 $$$ (I have your tag and dollars!)
Matthew Newton​ 52 $$
Zach Keasling​ 55 $
Jeffrey Updegrove​ 56
Adam Strand​ 57
Brian Shields​ 58
Ryan Kintigh​ 59
James Lucia​ 59
Dusty Allen​ 60 (I have your tag bro)
Chris McLinn​ 62
Gerrod Hearon​ 63
Alexander Freeland​ 65 (I've your tag too)

Miguel Jose Mendez​ 56 $
Dalton Heiter​ 59
Troy Flager​ 61 (Thanks so much for your help!)

Brian Weber​ 62 $
Sam Vasquez​ 69
Hagen Dean Kent​ 73

Good shooting today fellas! Ace is at $438 now, Was good to see you all. Working on a few fun things for us, we'll meet back up Friday, STAY TUNED!!!!!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 9:52 pm
by Newt
Some winds blowin, storms brewing in the west. Altogether great evening.
Regular course today, long 5 for the Pro div, which is one of my personal favs, Par 54 at our lovely Carey Park Disc Golf Course.

Matthew Newton 52 $$$$
Ian S. Ray 53 $$$
Chris McLinn 55 $$
Jeffrey Updegrove 57 $
Jonathan Carroll 59
Adam Strand 59
Alexander Freeland 59
Dusty Allen 59
Troy Flager 60
Miguel Jose Mendez 62
Gerrod Hearon 64
Zach Keasling 64
Alex Davis 66

Jadyn Garcia 60 $$
Brian Weber 64 $
Sam Vasquez 68
Hagen Dean Kent 69
Tanner Rue 80

We'll plan on Friday unless weather prohibits. Also, look forward to playing some river holes in the near future, i'll get with your Trilogy Challenge TD (Ian!) and we're going to get some play on that pat of the course before the date, which is RIGHT around the corner! Little River Wednesday is putting that ace fund on the line Wednesday in Buhler, Wheatland Park with Darren Bottom. And with that, cheers to you cool cats. Love to ya!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue May 12, 2015 6:22 pm
by Newt
29 on a windy Monday. Regular with long 5 par 54 and.......

Chris Smith​ 47 $$$$$
Ryan Kintigh​ 51 $$$$
William Whillock​ 52 $$$
Ian S. Ray​ 53 $$
Brock Ratzlaff​ 53 $$
Matthew Newton​ 54
Jeffrey Updegrove​ 55
Mario Mendoza​ 58
Justin Faucett​ 58
Kyle Anthony Norwood​ 58
Chris McLinn​ 59
Brian Shields​ 59
Miguel Jose Mendez​ 61
Adam Voth​ 61
Alex Davis 62

Lanse Small​ 56 $$
Shawn Hobbs​ 58 $
Jadyn Garcia​ 58
Cody Chronister​ 59
Brian Weber​ 60
Gerrod Hearon​ 60

Harold Berciunas 55 $$$
Dirk Kukula​ 59 $$
Keith Gregg​ 62
Austin William Rea​ 62
Hagen Dean Kent​ 65
Jake Eggers​ 66
Sam Vasquez​ 73
Dalton Hobbs​ 77

Good outing fellas! Looks like Little river at Carey Wednesday, Friday is another Friday Night Flights (I'll miss, but it will still go down, fret not) but MONDAY! MONDAY we're setting up the trilogy challenge RIver Holes, it will be a good one you DONT want to miss! Thanks dg fam!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 8:14 pm
by Newt
Mondays Results. Monday consisted (for those not present) or The River Nine. A nine hole course set up on the south side of the levee that will be implemented on the Trilogy Challenge on June 6th, which I know ALL of you are partaking in, on June 6th! We played The River Nine loop twice to accommodate 18 holes Par 54 on the 18!

Dale Bare 51 $$$$$
Richard Norwood 52 $$$$
Matthew Newton 52 $$$
Mario Mendoza 53 $$
Jeffrey Updegrove 53 $
Ian S. Ray 54
Alexander Freeland 57
Tom Vierthaler 58
Miguel Jose Mendez 59
Brian Shields 59
Adam Strand 61
Dusty Allen 61
Alex Davis 62

Dirk Kukula 56 $$$
Shawn Hobbs 56 $$
Mario Brown 57 $
Lanse Small 59
Troy Flager 62
Brian Weber 64
Cody Chronister 66
Dalton Heiter 66

Jake Eggers 64 $$
Hagen Dean Kent 65 $
Austin 68
Tanner Rue 74

I'll take another minute here, say a thing or so, I have a hoodie, or sweatshirt that someone left LAST Monday. I don't recall what school it is, its in the wash, post a pic later. We didn't bid farewell to Cody Chronister who is making the venturous move to LFK. Safe travels bro and hope all goes well! Also, I'd like to hit upon the fact that, not very often an SCFC League night pales in comparison to other League nights. Its always a great time, with a great group of guys. Good times gents. See ya Friday. LRDGC in Buhler Wednesday, SCFC Friday and DB has a wonderful little treat for DGers at Kanopolis! This Sunday! Be and throw well fellas!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 12:56 pm
by Newt
League tonight at reg time. We'll call it longs. Plan on long alternates on most all these holes!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 8:02 pm
by Newt
Memorial Monday League results. We did a little diddy, everyone was Cali. For those unfamiliar with that, Each person had one mulligan per hole. Par 54. Long 5, long 13, long 16 and long 18. Crazy good time.

Richard Norwood 44 $$$$$
Christopher Mattison 48 $$$$
Casey Frischenmeyer 49 $$$
Ian S. Ray 51 $$
Jeffrey Updegrove 51 $$
Brock Ratzlaff 53
Matthew Newton 54
Brian Reeves 55
Brian Shields 56
Dale Bare 56
Alex Davis 57
James Lucia 57
Miguel Jose Mendez 60
Dirk Kukula 63

Shawn Hobbs 49 $$$
Troy Flager 53 $$
Jadyn Garcia 55 $
Justin Faucett 57
Dalton Heiter 59
Joe Dillon 62
Alexander Freeland 64

Hagen Dean Kent 58 $$
Mark Gregg 58 $$
Austin William Rea 58 $$
William Cole Norberg 59
Sam Vasquez 60
Chad Cole 65
Cody Lucas 71
Daytona TeeJay Naab 75

Altogether a great time. I do need a lesson in how to utilize mulligans properly.... True story. There was an issue of a lost disc. Jeff lost a kick arse VRoc3 that if ANYONE happens across and returns would be GREATLY appreciated. See you cats this Friday (weather pending) for dubs. Throw and be well fellas. Justin Faucett, uhm, your hat and jacket are in my truck dude.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:02 am
by Newt
I am not sure what the record attendance for league is, 32 is definitely one of the biggest. Tonight was regular course with a few longs, which we usually reserve for the "Pro" cards, however, ADV cats may start playing them as well. Ace jumps to $626 going into Fridays Glo. Par 54.

Richard Norwood 47 $$$$$
Christopher Mattison 47 $$$$
Jeffrey Updegrove 51 $$$
Brian Shields 51 $$
Dusty Allen 52
Dale Bare 52
James Lucia 53
Matthew Newton 53
Ian S. Ray 54
Josh Carroll 55
Stan Hoschouer 56
Tom Vierthaler 56
Zach Keasling 59
Adam Strand 60
Dirk Kukula 61
Gerrod Hearon 61

Jadyn Garcia 53 $$$$
Troy Flager 56 $$$
Shawn Hobbs 57 $$
Dalton Heiter 57
Alex Davis 57
Brian Weber 60
Jonathan Carroll 60
Miguel Jose Mendez 60
Alexander Freeland 60
Austin William Rea 61
Joe Dillon 65
Tanner Rue 79

Daniel Wood 59 $$
Corey Buchanan 60 $
Bentley Richert 61
Daytona Teejay Naab 70

What a great night! With a swap meet following the round, which I will admit, I caught a couple great chuckers I needed! From what I saw, there were quite a few exchanges. I love seeing the connectivity. In recognition of our year as a league, SCFC is sporting the pizzas (and brewskis) for the trilogy challenge, which is preceded by a glow round at Casa Del Norwood Friday evening. While I cant be in attendance for EITHER!!! (I know) I strongly encourage all who can to attend!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:55 pm
by Newt
There were 28 cool cats today on quite the regular course, which is rare now days. Before we get into that, a few things.

I spoke some of these words to peeps in attendance, but a little reiteration wouldn't hurt anyone. If you are on a card and you feel like someone is cheating, which I don't think is a case, but I give benefit of the doubt in all cases. IF there is an issue, assess it with your card, nip it in the bud RIGHT THEN, don't take it back to the table, or let it fester till next round. Resolve the situation right then with your card. Do PM me with concerns or questions if you need after reading that.

Finally, we played a regular Carey Park, Par 54

Josh Carroll 49 $$$$$
Dale Bare 49 $$$$ (w/ a CTP win, 2X Roc3)
Jeffrey Updegrove 49 $$$
Richard Norwood 50 $$
Mario Mendoza 51 $
Brian Shields 53
Adam Strand 53 (Kayla Griffin)
Ian S. Ray 53
Matthew Newton 54
Miguel Jose Mendez 57
Dirk Kukula 57
Ryan Kintigh 58
Don McKenna 59
Zach Keasling 61
Gerrod Hearon 61

Dalton Heiter 51 $$ (CTP proto VRoc)
Shawn Hobbs 53 $
Austin William Rea 53
Alexander Freeland 57
Lanse Small 59 (Thank you for you help bro!)
Parker Smith 61 (Welcome!)

Hagen Dean Kent 57 $$$
Joe Dillon 60 $$
Daytona TeeJay Naab 62
Jake Eggers 64
Mark Gregg 65
Keith Gregg 66
Tanner Rue 58

Ace fund running to Friday is $672. Not sure on format for Friday. NEXT Monday is SCFC @ The Farm Course with Brock Ratzlaff! Mark that on the Calendar. Another post will be up tomorrow for our Dri-fit order!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:33 pm
by Newt
Farm Course Results, twenty wonderful holes of glorious Disc Golf... Par 60

Jeffrey Updegrove 57 $$$$$
William Whillock 57 $$$$
Brock Ratzlaff 58 $$$
Dale Bare 60 $$
Ian S. Ray 60 $$
Matthew Newton 60
Stanley Hoschouer 61
Alexander Freeland 64
Dirk Kukula 65
Miguel Jose Mendez 66
Brian Shields 66
Austin William Rea 66
Dusty Allen 67
Parker Smith 67
Adam Strand 68

Lanse Small 60 $$ (ctp winner, Lat 64 Flight Club Scythe)
Shawn Hobbs 63 $
Troy Flager 64 ($10 CTP winner)
Dalton Heiter 66
Hagen Dean Kent 72

Joe Dillon 61 $$$ ($5 CTP winner)
Jake Eggers 68 $$ (ctp winner, Flight Club Westside World)
Mark Gregg 72
Daytona TeeJay Naab 74
William Cole Norberg 75
Chad Cole 76

Thanks to everyone who came out this shindig. Thanks to Brock Ratzlaff and fam for allowing the Crew out. We'll surely do this again! Not sure about Fridays gig as I will not be in town, you folks will know when I know!!! Throw and be well fellas!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:23 am
by Newt
we'll be doing Dubs Friday morning @ Camp hawk Friday, try and be there by 930. 1000 start time @ latest!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:31 pm
by Newt
Monday- June 22, 2015

***Monday evening scores!***

It was a hot and windy day, but we had 22 huckers and chuckers show up!! Classic Carey round; nothing fancy.

Josh Carroll - 50 $$$$$
Chris Smith - 51 $$$$
Zach Keasling - 54 $$$
Brian Shields - 54 $$
Dale Bare - 55 $
Alexander Freeland - 56 ***
Ian S. Ray - 56 *
Mario Mendoza - 57
Miguel Jose Mendez - 58
Adam Strand - 60
James Lucia - 61
Dalton Heiter - 63
Parker Smith - 66

Austin William Rea -56 $$ **
Corey Buchanan - 59 $
Hagen Dean Kent - 63
Jaden - 64

Joe Dillon - 59 $$
Mark Gregg - 65 $ (donated winnings back to the Club! Thanks broski!)
Daytona TeeJay Naab - 69
Keehnan Ford - 72
Dan - 78

Thanks for coming out fellas, let's keep the numbers up! Did see quite a few cans out there; please be mindful of litter and others littering (because they/you shouldn't be!). Not saying anyone of you actually do, but please help keep our beloved Carey clean! (end rant/falls off soap box)

Keep slinging and having fun!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:33 pm
by Newt
Monday- June 29, 2015 Results.

We ran the Tourney Alt course, which is just a nice course to see some OTHER lines at the holes. Par 54

Christopher Mattison 45 $$$$$$$
Chris Smith 46 $$$$$$
Jeffrey Updegrove 52 $$$$$
Adam Strand 52 $$$$
Matthew Newton 52 $$$
Tom Vierthaler 53 $$
Mario Mendoza 53 $
Brian Shields 54
Ian S. Ray 54
Josh Carroll 55
Miguel Jose Mendez 55
Dirk Kukula 58
Dalton Heiter 58
Jadyn Garcia 59
Alexander Freeland 60
Hagen Dean Kent 60
Zach Keasling 61
Parker Smith 62
Gerrod Hearon 62
Austin William Rea 62
Troy Flager 65

Ryan Moore 55 $$$$
Joe Dillon 56 $$$
Dennis Weaver 56 $$
Dan Wood 57 $
Keith Gregg 58
Bentley Richert 60
Josh Bengtson 64
Daytona TeeJay Naab 65
Mark Gregg 65
Keehnan Ford 66
Dakota 76
Caleb Alonso Sr. 78

We wrapped up this week with Random Flip Dubs Camp Hawk Disc Golf Course Friday morning, Par 72

Matt Newt/Brock Ratzlaff -5
Mario Mendoza/Johny Casner -4
Gerrod Hearon/ Brian Weber -4
Buddy Casner/Dustin Young -2
Shields/Miguel Mendez 0
Lanse Smalls (cali) +4

We'll get back to reg course Monday and I'm working on Fairgrounds for Next Saturday Morning. Have a great fourth of July, love to ya all! Be and throw well fam!

P.S. ace is to $790