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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:39 pm
by Newt
ON this fantastic fall eve.. 17 showed. Break this'n down to divisions.
Pro Div:
Jeffrey Updegrove 51 $$
Matthew Newton 51 $
Ian S. Ray 56
Alexander Freeland 57
Kyle Anthony Norwood 57

Troy Flager 53 $$
Adam 55 $
Scott Carpenter 59
Jaron Pifer 60
Tony Klassen 60
Shane Griffin 68

Damyn Donte Price 54 $$ (am!?!?!?! Good shootin bro!)
Dusty Allen 57 $
Alex 59
Rudy Saiz 60
Cody Chronister 62
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 64

342 to next ace pot! 171+ to the hitter on Monday, Oct. 6th! There will be no SCFC league shenanigans next week, LRDGC Wednesday with Darren Bottom! Do NOT miss! But, But! Do not miss the Bushwood Classic THIS SATURDAY! This is a cool deal man. Homemade course. Great time. Do it. DO IT!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:21 pm
by Newt

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:42 pm
by Newt
Good Evening for some chucking. These 16 cats thought so...

Ryan Kintigh 50 $$$
Ian S. Ray 52 $$
Alexander Freeland 53 $
Matthew Newton 55
Stan Hoschouer 55
Dale Bare 56
Casey Frischenmeyer 57
Kyle Anthony Norwood 57
Troy Flager 58 $$ (adv)
Zach Keasling 58 $$ (adv)
CJ 58
Adam Strand 59 $ (adv)
Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 65 (adv)
Lanny 65 (adv)
Tony Klassen 66 (adv)
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 69 (adv)

358 Dollars sitting in a basket. Waiting for that one shot to swing thru, and sweep half of it off its feet. Next chance to hit it is NEXT Wednesday. THIS Wednesday is LRDGC which provides you an opportunity to hit THAT ace fund, which is a bit more I do believe.

Also, I do think that I've procured a putting basket for our lovely course. It is in the works.

And... Look forward to some Saturday league dates coming up. The 18th of this month being the first of them. Also a nice glow Dubs on the First of November!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:10 pm
by Newt
wednesdayAlt Course Day. Awesome day. 25 in attendance. Beautiful evening.
Christopher Mattison 45 $$$$
Stanley Hoschouer 50 $$$
Darren Bottom 51 $$
Ian S. Ray 51$
Tom Vierthaler 52
Matthew Newton 53
Todd Potter 54
Jeffrey Updegrove 55
Zach Keasling 56
Brian Reeves 56
Ryan Kintigh 57
Brian Shields 60
Alexander Freeland 64

Casey Frischenmeyer 57 $$
Adam Strand 58 $
Troy Flager 65
Randy 66
Scott Carpenter 67

Alex 55 $$$
Tim Weaver 58 $$
Mark 59 $
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 61
Brian 62
Bentley Richert 65
Ryan Corkins 106

Awesome round. Ace fund today is 383 bones. Aching to be hit. Doles out half. Saturday is your next chance to hit it. Trying to do an alt course at the fairgrounds, for you cats NOT goin to Manhattan, but if you have the chance to, GO to Manhattan!

If you have a basket, I'll try and swing by Friday and grab it, msg me @ 620-899-0402. Also, in other news, we will be getting a putting basket in on out lovely course! More cool things to come. Rest well brochachos. See ya Saturday.

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 7:25 pm
by Newt
Today was a glorious day for the Disc Golf. State Fair Grounds League Round followed by a Bushwood Farm Dub Match (which included an Adam Strand Ace!)

Scores for league as follows. 12 Hole Course, Par 36

Christopher Mattison 33 $$$$
Ian S. Ray 34 $$$
Matthew Newton 35 $
Richard Norwood 35$
Alexander Freeland 37 $
Brock Ratzlaff 37$
Adam Strand 38
Brian Shields (FNBS) 38
Kyle Anthony Norwood 40
Ryan Corkins 40
Casey Frischenmeyer 41
Jonathan Carroll 43
Zach Keasling 44
Troy Flager 46
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 48

Ace Fund, as of right now is at 400 (I threw in two on the day to make it even after Brock Ratzlaff nearly destroyed hole one with an ace, it was a day for the books for sure) The day progressed to the farm course for a round of dubs with Ryan Corkins and Jon Carroll as The Royals, Casey F. (The Cali) as the Caseys, B-Rock Ratz and Zach Keys as the Roc Aficionados. Ian Ray and Alexander as the Chatty Kathys and Adam Strand and I as the Silent Assailants. I was altogether an amazing day of disc golf gold. I genuinely want to thank all of you that attend these events (you're attendance makes them!) I, we, could not have surrounded ourselves with a better group of outstanding guys. Thank you and I love you all. I also would like to thank the State Fair guys for not kicking us out, proper gents and B-Rock for having us out at the farm.

Until next time fellas....

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:09 pm
by Newt
17 in attendance on the gorgeous fall Friday.

Matthew Newton 49 $$$
Ryan Kintigh 53 $$
Stan Hoschouer 54 $
Jeffrey Updegrove 54 $
Brian Shields 56
Mario Mendoza 56
Zach Keasling 58

Adam Strand 52 $$$
Justin Faucett 54 $
Mario Brown 54 $
Alex Davis 59
Troy Flager 60
Ryan Corkins 62
Gerrod Hearon 69

Brian W. 54 $
Shawn Hobbs 56
Lanny McVey 65

Ryan Kintigh failed to hit yet another ace! (kidding b, you'll get it next time!) So ace fund jumps to 417 dollars! Aces are exciting, ask Justin Faucett! However, aces that pay over two hundy bones, c'mon. Next league is NEXT Thursday. We'll continure this "Flex Start" deal, it ran super this evening. Thank you cats for coming out! Also, LRDGC, this sunday and next Wednesday (plan to tee off as soon as you show, show at five.) AND, Rando Flip Glow Dubs IS back NEXT Saturday, costumes welcome! Sup

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:03 pm
by pironix
Just a heads up, the Round-Up actually takes place at Herman Hill....

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:32 pm
by Newt
Ah yea. In what was probably our last league night with ACTUAL sunlight....

Richard Norwood 53 $$$
Jeffrey Updegrove 54 $$
Adam Strand 56 $
Brian F'n Shields 57
Ryan Kintigh 59
Matthew Newton 60
Zach Keasling 61

Brian W. 56 $$$
Scott Carpenter 58 $$
Troy Flager 61 $
Tony Klassen 62
Alex Davis 63
Gerrod Hearon 82

Ace is @ $430! Schedule for next month is in the works. Looks like more Saturdays in our wintery future. There will be RandoFlipGloDubs Saturday! 6:00! Personally, Although we aren't done for the year, I would like to thank all of the 51+ people that have come out and played with us since our start in May. We have had a ton of fun and done some very cool and good things but we are far from done! Anyhow. Thanks to you cool cats, love you all! Remember, just because it is getting cold and light is getting scarce, doesn't mean we aren't out throwin the sh$% outta some sh$%!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:19 pm
by Newt
Alright SCFC Crew! All of you. ALL OF YOU, lets do a little meeting Wednesday, those of you that can. We have much to discuss, such as the "Awesomeness" that is... TREES! We're past due. We need to get out there and figure out what needs to go where how and when! If memory serves me correctly, 60% of the time, it works, everytime, we have 20+ (twenty PLUS) trees we've been blessed with, lets give them a great home. There a few other things to discuss as well! I'll be out there @ 4 ish, I know Zach Keasling will show after he is off @ 5, that is fine, if you can't get out till after 5, swing thru see what two cents have been put it and put your two cents in!

Thom V and Dale Bare!!! This means you!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:03 pm
by Newt
All of you that came out and endured league today, thank you. It was a blast, of cold air, directly in the face. Literally. It was cold and windy, far from perfect conditions, but thanks to all the twenty two (that's right 22!) that came out to get it.

First off, next time, from now on ALL times. Cards will be separated to divisions (Pro, Adv and Am) It is just so much easier on me after the round. Mind your empty containers, please and thank you! Last, if you cannot make the entire round, swap out your tag within your group before you bail and get that DNF. And now the results. Fairgrounds was a 24 hole course today, Par=72

Darren Bottom 78 $$$$
Matthew Newton 82 $$$
Ian S. Ray 83 $$
Tom Vierthaler 85 $
Mario Mendoza 86
Todd Potter 88
Brian Shields 89
Casey Frischenmeyer 90 (blackbelt in life)
Brian Reeves 91
Adam Strand 93
Ryan Kintigh DNF

Justin Faucett 97 $$
Dusty Allen 101 $
Damyn Donte Price 101 $
Alexander Freeland 104
Zach Keasling 105
Ryan Corkins 110

Chad 96 $$
Kim White 97 $
Drew 98
Bean DNF (I have his Fugitive)
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon DNF

Ace money to 468!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:15 pm
by Newt
Results for todays shenannys.

Matthew Newton 55 $$$
Casey Frischenmeyer 55 $$
Adam Strand 58 $
Alexander Freeland 58
Brian Shields 59
Zach Keasling 63
Justin Faucett 65

Shane Griffin 58 $$ (Hot Round!)
Brian Webber 58 $
Tim Weaver 62
Bentley Richert 63
Dennis Weaver 67
Zach Sage (Bean) 76

Good Rounds fellas! See you next week, and DO NOT forget TOMORROW, LRDGC with Darren Bottom will be here Carey Park Disc Golf Course ! Three Thirty in the P.M.!

Ace shot jumps to 481!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:54 pm
by Newt
Beautiful Saturday Results:

Adam Strand 53 $$
Dale Bare 54 $
Ian S. Ray 55
Matthew Newton 56
Brian Shields 56
Jeffrey Updegrove 57
Tim Weaver 58 $$
Kim White 58 $
Dusty Allen 59
Matt Finch 60
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 67
Cody Chronister 70

Ace Fund to $493 and League next week will be figured here in the next couple days, I will be out of town and Scott Oswalt will be in town, some something has to go down!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 9:17 pm
by Newt

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:41 pm
by Newt
Sat. the 3rd Results, which was a nice day, a ton of disc golf got in before the storm hit, and as I hear, some played whilst it was pouring snow. Champs, I say!

Christopher Mattison 51 $$
Ryan Kintigh 54 $
Brian Shields 54 $
Stanley Hoschouer 58 (Thanks for runnin it for me bro!)

Matt Finch 57 $$$
Kim White 58 $$
Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 61 $
Cody Chronister 64
"G" 65
Bently 67

Puts ace to $503 dollars to the hitter!

Re: Salt City Flight Club

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:41 pm
by Newt
Last Sat. the 10th. Ten cats endured a very chilly, windy alt course @ our lovely Carey Park.

Darren Bottom 56 $$
Matthew Newton 61 $
Christopher Mattison 61
Ian S. Ray 61
Brian Shields 63

Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 68 $$
Zach Keasling 68 $
Dusty Allen 68
Gerrod Hearon 72
Dennis Weaver 77

Which sets our Ace to a proper $513 going into this Sunday/Funday at the Kansas State Fairgrounds.... Oh yea.