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Bottlecap bling and other jazz for your bag

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:48 am
by scarpfish
As many of you who've seen my new bag can attest, I've been a little bitten by the paracord bug lately. I started with simple zipper pulls, and now have started making lanyards, birdie beads and a couple of survival bracelets. I've been trying to work on a zipper pull that incorporates a bottle cap, and after several failures I think I have found a means to make it go. Here are a few samples that I've cranked out using some caps I've found on the course at Carey.


So if you'd like to adorn your bag with a tribute to a favorite barley pop(s), get me some undented caps, and I can whip you up some of these, in the cord color of your choice (I in fact just got some new colors in today). $2.50 will get you a pair for your main bag compartment zippers. +$1/each if you want more than two. I can also make matching non-bottlecap pulls for your side pockets for a little less. Just hit me up at league.