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Mcpherson Wall Park

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Re: Mcpherson Wall Park

Post by smitty »

Looking at the map of Lakeside Park...I see many of the original holes. If work is going to be done to make a great course...you might want to look at ditching the old plan and laying out an entirely new course. You are going to have to cross that street to make a quality course. A couple of open holes to gain room to make some better quality holes in the original park is a wise move. I see both a creek and sidewalk that could be utilized south of the street.

I hope you guys are able to take advantage of the situation at hand.
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Re: Mcpherson Wall Park

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For those not in the know, there are tee signs now installed at Wall. No concrete as of yet. Of course, Lakeside has been up for 12 years without teepads.


There's also this spunky new map you can download and print or save to your phone.

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