Back on top!

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Back on top!

Postby scarpfish » Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:40 pm

Well not at the Doo-Dah. I was never on top there. I was only briefly in the middle. :x

But I got five new courses played while up in the Lawrence/KC area this week. Hopefully, the lyme disease I may potentially catch from the experience will be worth it. DEER TICKS SUCK!!

I am trying to reach 300 played by July 17th which will be my tenth "anniversary" of sorts with this crazy game, but I think I'm going to fall a bit short on that goal. Just out of curiosity while eating at Denny's last night, I checked the people in Kansas on DGCR with the most courses played and wouldn't you know, the five new courses played tied me with Dan Loomis from Mission. Which kind of made me wish I had budgeted my time better (granted I had an excuse, ask Darren for details) and gotten six new courses in.

And while looking at that statistic, I then remembered that I still hadn't played this course down in Haysville yet. So after the festivities ended, and while I was in the hood, I drove down there to try it out. Not a great course, but it gave me the +1 I needed to take the title back.

So I shall have to post this for posterity. :D


So I hope Dan, (who travels frequently and posts some great reads about his trips) on the KCFDC forums, doesn't have a big trip planned soon, oops too late, (or doesn't search Kansas on DGCR with the temporary box clicked), because he'll likely be taking the title back for good.

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Re: Back on top!

Postby Darren B » Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:31 pm

titles are good, so is scotts reason for not being able to play more, scott you should have turned your phone off and went on to a diferent course probably would have been a record score,to go with the record round, see you wednesday
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