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2013 World Championships

Tournament information for areas outside Kansas
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2013 World Championships

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Live now on hole 2 of the Red course with the Men's Masters division featuring: Schultz, Baldwin, Climo and Brown.

Hole 2 is a short par 3 at 200' feet. What it lacks in distance it makes up for in technical. We're headed to the pin

Signal issues on the red. Photos will be minimal.

Baldwin with the only birdie on hole 2 is now tied for the lead!

Hole 3 a par 3 at 288'. The red course is currently the shortest course layout at the Lemon Lake Complex.

At the pin now on 3. Baldwin with the layup from the rough behind a tree. Brown from 50' chains but doesn't stick. Climo in from 35'.

Over the Schultz from 30' chains but it drops to the ground. Wow! Barry is not happy about missing that putt.

Hole 4 535' par 4. Climo has the box. At. 4 strokes off the lead he's looking to make a move.

Baldwin up next and nips an early tree, kicks hard right.

Patrick Brown with a beautiful drive on 4. He's excited about this shot. http://pic.twitter.com/GFq1E8cyPd

Barry up last after carding the only par on hole 1. He'll stay back of box until he can win a hole.

Barry hits an early tree as well. Both our leaders having trouble off the tee here.

Baldwin with the pitch out from the rough then over to Barry who throws a pure and beautiful approach 350' thru tight fairway. parked!

Baldwin again with his 3rd shot and he's now up by the pin.

Now over to Climo who's taking a knee from just inside the rough. Wow! Roller down this tight bumpy green. He gets there!

Finally to Brown who had the longest drive & sits about 180' from the pin. Easy hyzer approach and he's sitting with a good putt.

Baldwin from 60'. Ching! It's in! Baldwin takes a deep breath then exhales when he putts. He's a great putter, maybe he's on to something.

Climo's roller went off the fairway about 60' pin high. He putts...and misses. Rare to see him miss a putt like that one.

Schultz and Brown clean up and we're off to hole 5. Schultz now in the lead again by a stroke.

Hole 5 300' par 4. We haven't seen the green yet but there is a mando sign.

Walking down the fairway on 5 we see now why most players chose a standstill from the right corner of the tee. Tight right turn off the pad.

Here's a photo looking back to the tee from the landing zone though it doesn't really convey the narrow gaps pic.twitter.com/PDSeqvtXpw

Baldwin up first dead center fairway but probably a little shorter than he wanted. Approach looked good from here should have an easy 3

Brown taking a knee from the rough with only a sidearm option approach. He comes up short. Will have a 70' putt.

Climo and Schultz approach and we're off to the pin.

Brown first to putt. He goes with a jump putt from 70' and the putt is low hits bottom basket and drops.

A miss by Baldwin. Clean up putts and we're off to 6

Schultz now in sole possession of the lead by a 2 stroke margin.

Schultz has the box on the par 4 hole 6. (550') the wind is picking up out here which could be tricky with dense rough left and OB right.

Beautiful shot by Barry he's going to like that lie. We think we actually saw him smile...don't quote us on that.

Climo up, goes wide, plays w/OB but he gets the late hyzer inbounds. Pretty sure this guy knows his disc selection. pic.twitter.com/b81yRZPSU7

Brown the Baldwin and we're heading down the fairway.

Hole 6 is wide open until you get to the pin. It's tucked into the trees. Barry shown here with his approach. pic.twitter.com/KU3muje5wT

Baldwin seems to be off his game a little these last few holes. He just gave up another stroke to Schultz.

Hole 7. 235' par 3. Tight gap off the tee. Barry has the box, followed by Climo, Brown and Baldwin.

Baldwin with a thumber to navigate the narrow gaps. Hits an early tree. He's up first on approach gets it there 60' putt.

From Indiana, US, United States
OH No! Baldwin misses the putt. That has to be frustrating but with Baldwin you never know. This guy is cooler than a cucumber.

Birdie putts made all around from the other guys and we're walking to 8.

8 is 160' par 3. Slight down hill shot and the basket sits on a slope with a drop off behind it.

Missed the drives navigating the gallery that is growing. Brown up first on the putts.

Brown hits band and drops he'll settle for a 3.

Clean up putts and we're off. The Mosquitos are defiantly not lacking on the red course.

Hole 9. Par 3 155'

9 is a mirror of 8. Slightly uphill to the right with basket on a slope. Standstill shots for these guys.

Barry throws makes it on the mound but doesn't get late turn to basket he was hoping for..."right, right, right" he says talking to disc.

Baldwin with a sidearm up and should be parked. No! Hits a tree by the pin and rolls down the hill.

Climo drives and just misses the ace. Brown up there.

Baldwin with the only 3 after the unfortunate roll. Birdies for everyone else.

Signal issues and crowd control missed hole 10 but we're live on 11 a par 4 at 441'

Climo stopping for some fresh blackberries as we head down the fairway.

Schultz and Brown both looking at easy putts after their great drives.

Climo with the roller. Beautiful! Almost made it the whole 441' turned in just shy at 100' out.

Baldwin up next after his disc flipped but didn't turn back. He's approaching from 220' and a car alarm goes off when he's about to throw.

Wow! Baldwin can not seem to get a break on this hole. Unlucky kicks photographers in his back swing and now the car alarm.

Schultz is slowing increasing his lead. Climo now has Baldwin by 2 and Brown is tied with Baldwin. Scores here: http://www.pdgalive.com

Stay tuned for scoring updates after we finish up here on 13. Finally got the photographers and fans at a respectable distance.

Baldwin with a sweet bird from 80' on 13! Yeah JB way to rally.

Climo follows suite with a 50 footer, Brown and Climo in and we are off

Waiting to tee on 14. 532 par 4 pic.twitter.com/I691FOhswN

Climo has the box. Here we go on 14.


Somewhat breaking news, delayed somewhat by a bad signal. Schultz carded an EAGLE on hole 11. Here's the proof: pic.twitter.com/NZioqUALtm

Climo played hole 14 perfectly Dead center gap and approach hit the pin. pic.twitter.com/DXENnbLQdK

Live on 15 now. pic.twitter.com/yaUhxdUprg

For those that may not know. Barry Schultz is being inducted into the #discgolf hall of fame tonight.

Climo up first on 16 he's down there. Great drive from the champ.

Shultz up with an early tree hit. Then over to Baldwin who lands 60' from pin behind several small trees.

Hole 16 305' par 3. This is a neat little hole. Looks fun to play. Baldwin up 3rd on the tee..wish the photo would load so you could see it

Brown...with what looked like an ace run he is now under the basket.

Baldwin up first with a straddle from behind the trees. He's in for 2.

Schultz up next Great approach but skips by the basket in the rough about 45' from pin. Makes putt.

Climo putts, Brown drops in and we have two holes left.

Barry first on approach of 17. Slightly in the rough on the right side and will need a stand still high rainbow shaped anhyzer for this shot

Doesn't hold the anhyzer pulls out early and he is not happy with that shot.

Baldwin with a smooth straight approach, under the pin for an easy 3.

Brown up next routine approach shot from his drive and he's parked for 3 now.

Barry up again way in the rough, can't seem to find a hole to even pitch out from.

Barry finds away with an over-hand shot and he's touching the pole.

Clean up putts and we're heading to our final hole.

Hole 18 615'. The tee is tucked back in a tunnel running about 120' make the tunnel and you're in wide open fairway.

Shot from the tee as we head down the fairway. pic.twitter.com/wy4g5bm7A9

From Indiana, US, United States
Everyone makes the gap....these guys can hit that short line in their sleep. Brown up first on the approach about 400' from pin.

Brown up and he's plays it safe to avoid OB still a little ways to be putting.

Baldwin next, great line but just nips a branch to throw his disc off course. He's 80' from the pin.

Finally to Schultz, our leader about 260' on his approach. Looks straight online then flips he'll be putting from 50'

Baldwin putting first. Brown was closer than he looked from further back down the fairway.

Baldwin hits basket low he's been struggling on the green more than normal this round.

Brown pulls off a 3 after his terrible drive. Nice putt Patrick.

Schultz misses his putt. Looks over at Patrick and the crowd behind the basket right in his line. Drops in for a 4 then over to Climo.

Climo in for a 3 and it's lunch time.

Ken Climo with a 47 the hot round in Masters division this morning on the red course. Scores: http://www.pdgalive.com
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Re: 2013 World Championships

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That's pretty cool that after all those years of Schultz vs. Climo, now we get some more in the Masters division.
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