Back to Back B-Tiers Omaha,NE/Iowa 4/20-4/21

Tournament information for areas outside Kansas
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Back to Back B-Tiers Omaha,NE/Iowa 4/20-4/21

Postby DNCO311O » Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:06 pm

Hopefully this is acceptable to post here :)... This is one of the 2 major tournaments that we run here in Omaha, NE/western Iowa. Trying to fill it up this year so we are spicing up the incentives... Highlights include

$1,000 added pro cash each day/tournament
$500 added am prize money each day/tournament
$75 worth of discs donated by Ken Franks for ctp plus other CTP prizes for each event.
If you pre-register before both tournaments and win your division both days you get a bonus ect. $500 (pro) ... other bonuses for every division
TONS of CTP prizes...


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