Cliff Drive Sundays in KC (weekly Mini)

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Cliff Drive Sundays in KC (weekly Mini)

Postby jack » Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:31 am

Our Course coordinator at Cliff is tired of having all these people not playing on the weekend in town. This offering will be determined by the players that play on the location, so it may move from course to course dependent on what people think. Drew Neitzel is running the event, if you ahve any questions, you can contact him, or shoot me a note.

I’m looking at starting back up a Sunday league here in KC. A little more money per head for Sean and a Non-weekday for Glover/Tom B. Here’s what I’m thinking for now:

KC Strip Division (Singles):
$15 ($1 to course, $1 to ace, $13 to payout, top 33%)

Ground Beef Division (Doubles):
$10 ($1 to course, $1 to ace, $8 to payout, top 50%)

This is not an official KCFDC league at this time.
Cliff Drive’s current ace fund will not be in play. We would be starting a new one.
Starting at 1:30 this week, August 1st.

Some of these datails may change in the future at the request of persons who show up to play.
If you would like your voice your opinion, show up Sunday and play.

Future questions to be answered based on turnout:

Continue through the winter?
Include Blue Valley (once a month, every other week, not at all)?
Start Later/Earlier (all year, only during football season, with the seasons, after church)?
Skill/Age protected divisions?
More/less entry fee/payout?
No/more ace fund (seed, ½, all)?

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