Rest In Peace Harry

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby Mace Man » Wed Nov 09, 2011 6:54 am

A hand full of the Salina disc golf community went the the service for Harry yesterday. The Priest was talking about the first time he went to see Harry this summer after he was diagnosed with cancer. After there was a break in the conversation Harry ask well don't you what to know how long they gave me to live? "I told the doctor I don't want to know!" Harry chose not to live for end but to live for TODAY. A lesson that I need to live by and all of us could do as well.

There will be many interesting conversation on who know what subject we will not get anymore :(


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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby R/B » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:25 am

This will be my last entry towards our friend Harry. I know a few of you from Salina were close to harry and it would be a good release if you could share with others how Harry moved you. There were things said including from yours truly behind Harrys back. I,ve since made my peace with Harry. When someone comes along who is different we are quick to judge. Who would of thought he was teaching us valuable lessons.

A strange fellow asked to be my friend
a couple years ago,
he seemed a bit pushy and intrusive
so I would,nt let it grow.

He was odd and peculiar
kinda wierd,wacky and wild,
so I watched from a short distance
him play out his inner child.

As time would tick forward
bits and pieces slipped in,
I opened up just enough
for a frienship to begin.

His floodgates were wide open
with oh so much too share,
it was more than I could handle
a selfish one to bare.

I backed away to play on more familiar ground
but kept a watchful eye,
he knew of my resistance
and still he was,nt shy

He gave of his heart and pocket
opened doors without a key,
gained many friends to tote the note
on what he considered family.

He,s since passed on to deeper disscussion
in higher places that understand,
we,ve lost a friend but gained his wise
on better ground to stand.

To you who knew him better
who allowed the pure to grow,
spread out his kind-care nature
with a smile so others may know.

put others first and be happy
for their big and small success,
take time to share and always care
then you can too a soul may bless.

A strange fellow asked to be my friend
a couple years ago.

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby DUH » Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:03 am

What a touching poem R/B! I'd like to share that with another friend of Harry's if you don't mind.
I've been looking through e-mails & FB messages from Harry; he had such great advice & was always trying to turn someone on to new plastic. He was even so bold as to tell me Ron Convers was wrong; I found this message "I must take issue with Mr. Ron. I handed my Archon to R/B, and he threw it a mile and a half with a "S" curve. And mine is a girlish 165g. He THOUGHT it might turnover but it always came back for him even when he baked it. He threw it several times. He digs it. I think it could hold an anny line if so desired, but I think Mr. Discraft is trying to sell you a false bill of goods. The Archon was molded with a Vulcan top & a Wraith bottom. I know you will make up your OWN mind, but I had to jump to its defense. It flies smooth & silky. I love Ronaldo lots, but sometimes he can be so anti anything that isn't Discraft."
His latest push on me was the Magic. He's given me 2 of them & when I get my game back on, I'll def be using them in his memory.
Here's a pic of his big ole smile :D

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby FlyingO » Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:08 pm

Aloha folks. Mike Owens here - probably not a familiar name to most of you, I know.
Harry, or Scott or "Shimp" as I called him, and I have been close friends for about 20 years now. I was with him for the past two years after I moved back here from Hawaii in June of 2010. He told me of his re-introduction to Frisbee golf, disc golf as it's properly called now, and how it had come to be. He and I played a BUNCH of disc golf back in the mid '70's through the early '80's (with our separate groups of friends back then of course), so it was very cool to get back in the swing of the discs again. Of course both of my sons had also taken an interest in disc that summer and Scott/Harry helped them in ways they don't even know yet. :)

He said he wanted a new hat and got on e-bay, found a hat he liked and it had a logo on it - a disc golf logo, and that's what got him started back into the game we loved as young bucks in our 20's. We proceeded to play as much as we could - me being somewhat of a newbie with the new kinds of plastic and he fast becoming very good at the game. (Back "in the day" we played disc golf with three discs and ONLY three discs - a Master frisbee - either black or white, a 141g and, if we were lucky a small 119g). All of our courses were sort of spur of the moment ones, mostly on college campuses and the entire game was built around "mandos" - "it has to split those two branches, it has to go under that sign, it has to hit the road sign on the back side", etc.

I will miss Harry/Scott/Shimp for the rest of my life as we bonded almost immediately when we met at the public access television station I built in Salina where he became one of our best volunteers and then later a staff member himself.

I spoke with him pretty much daily for the past two years and was staying with him in Salina when he had chemo or radiation treatments. I told him, and always believed it myself when I said I visualized us playing disc golf again. We both had hoped that the radiation would kick the cancer's ass and strength would return, slowly. I was extremely fortunate to have spoken with him the evening before he passed. My ex-wife and two daughters and I visited with him twice on Saturday. He smiled, told us he loved us, etc. and was very much at peace with what he knew was coming. We had hoped we could have gotten his daughter here to speak with him one last time, but even though she came, we were just a few hours too late.

I have hundreds of pictures and years of memories ready to share with anyone who would like to. I wrote Ron Convers Jr. on facebook suggesting we name the annual Kansas State Super Class championship tournament after him and that I didn't have the movers and shakers of disc golf on my speed dial like Harry did so if there was/is a way to get help in doing so, I would be more than happy, I would be proud to work towards naming that Super Class gig after him - "baby!"

It is very encouraging to see that many others here feel the same way about naming the event in his honor.

Long live the king of Avenger SS rollers and perhaps the most intelligent man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. All of my kids regard him as their "second dad" because of the totally positive energies and messages and lessons he laid on them. They love him and so do I. Thank you to everyone who has posted here. The minis that were signed are here and will become part of something.. I'm not sure yet.. but something honoring his memory and his life.

Mahalo nui loa friends. He's smiling on all of us right now and will be for the rest of our lives! His memory lives on inside each and every one of us. Please call for details/more info or just to help show me the path I need to take to name the Super Class Tournament in his name. Mike Owens - 316-250-6684


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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby Swagberry7 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:35 pm

Randy told me to share a few stories of Harry aka The Professor. I have many stories about this guy since i played countless casual rounds of disc golf. I sometimes feel with all the trouble i go through with school and my crazy life that harry the past year had kept my interest in disc golf. He would call me several times a week to go practice and just relax and have fun. i will miss those days. It is really hard to lose a close a friend like that.

One day, we were headed out to play and we were discussing the arch-eon before its release date. As we played through the round we kept talking about the disc. When we were walking up the fairway on hole 6 at thomas we walked over to the tall grass to puff a lil green and harry looks down and picks up this disc with a prototype stamp on it. As we examined it we kept thinking "wow this is an arch-eon and we found one". Sure enough a few days later, harry went on to a website and asked about that disc and turns out that disc was the arch-eon.

Another story, would be the one i shared at his funeral yesterday. Harry had picked me up for singles league and he asked me "are you ready to beat Downtown today and take the lead in the singles standings?" I told him we would see what happens, and he goes you will win by a stroke today. When the cards came in that night at singles, downtown and i were in a tie, so we had to play off. Harry asked if he could walk with us and of course you couldn't say no. We walk up the fairway after teeing off and Harry goes Andy its time to end the playoff now by making ur putt. i looked at him and smiled, and went up and banged that 60 ft putt to defeat randy. Harry has the psychic power of a genius, i credit him to that day and round.

Harry was one of the coolest cats alive. He might have been different than many of us, but he has a heart of gold and would NEVER say a negative comment about any person. I know and I hope many of you vote to change the name of the superclass event, this guy deserves due to his love for superclass and disc golf.

Professor, you will never be forgotten and hope you keep on slangin them discs! I know here you will be missed greatly

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby nastyNate » Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:31 pm

I dont think i can share anything more about Harry than all you guys have. The best thing about him was that ever-present smile! He truly cared for others and had an unequaled passion for disc golf. I had the pleasure of playing with Harry several times at league. One of the first times we were partnered i can remember him missing left continuously. I asked what he was putting with. "A Rhyno." he states. I told him he should try something a little less overstable as a putter cause he would be able to keep it straight easier. We chatted more about putting during the round and he asked what i recommended. The next week at league we were on separate teams but tied for first. First hole of the play off Harry banged at least an 80 foot putt straight in the chains to beat us! The competitive side of me wanted to be upset about getting beat, but that look of pure joy on Harry's face made it impossible. He came up to me afterward and thanked me for helping him out and i am sure he was still smiling when he left the course that night. I don't think that look of joy will ever be hard for me to remember. Thanks Harry for helping me to remember to take joy from this game we play. The people we enjoy it with are by far more important than any wins or personal gain i could ever hope for.

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby disc golf superhero » Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:50 pm

Hate that I missed out on any chance to see Harry one last time. Hate that I missed the service. I'm behind on current events.

Most of you probably don't know this but Harry and I went WAY back. He would make outrages claims like he invented the question mark. He would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. Our childhood Summer's in Rangoon taking luge lessons. In the Spring we'd make meat helmets. He once accused my dog of being a real bitch.

Anyway none of that's true and I robbed most of it from Dr. Evil. The fact is I truly am a Harry Fan! Some may of questioned his frequency but no one ever questioned his character. Harry didn't waste energy worrying about ignorant perceptions. That was a beautiful thing! A lesson we should all work to be better at.

Miss you Harry!

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby dragonessk » Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:22 pm

Peace, baby.
Have you tried this one out yet?
I'm diggin' it.

so laid back, so chill.
gonna miss you daddy-o.
Peace, baby.

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Re: Rest In Peace Harry

Postby kscustom » Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:13 pm

You gotta try this it'll change your life!

I met Harry for the first time at hays last year which was my first tournament. Then 2 weeks later I ran into him in Topeka and we talked for a while. Then at the Wichita membership drive last winter I think we were the only 2 not from Wichita, I played with him and doc. Had a wonderful time he kept my mood better than some of my shots permitted. I will never forget during the ring of fire doc kept making putts and Harry would yell "proto" it just goes with what everyone has said he love to see discs do good things his or yours it didn't matter.

On my way home from Wichita we met and he was advant about me stopping to play Thomas, and on the way to every tee box he would say something about how sneaky the next hole was and that just when you think this isn't so bad o wait for the next one. I got to play with him the last time at an abline this year I am so glad that I had the chance to get you know you Harry! You will be missed!

Harry Scott Shimp Superclass we owe it to him to make it last.
Semper ludere optimus

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