Discs for Sale- very cheap

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Discs for Sale- very cheap

Postby Glodtinator » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:07 am

Throughout my years playing disc golf I have accumulated up to around ninety some different discs. (Most found from water hazards) Therefore, all of these discs have been thrown at least once although many don't show it. There are a few with people's names and numbers on them but after trying multiple times to reach these people I gave up and claimed them as my own. I have a variety of discraft and innova discs and am selling them anywhere from $18 down to $4. If you're interested in any certain disc let me know and I can send you some pictures via email an we can go from there. My email address is kjglodt2@scatcat.fhsu.edu and my phone number is (605) 280- 5157.

Looking forward to hearing from ya,

Kyle Glodt

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