Harry Scott Shimp Memorial Super Class Championship

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Re: Harry Scott Shimp Memorial Super Class Championship

Postby Mace Man » Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:07 pm

DivCode T.O. Place First Name Last Name Total Cash/Value
MPO Brandon Nelson 101 $90.00
MPO Ron Convers 103 $65.00
MPO Brady Younger 105 $45.00
MPO Joe Hesting 107 $27.00
MPO Randy Brown 107 $27.00
MPO Austin Streit 108
MPO Casey Fluty 111
MPO Ben Wiggins 112
MPO Tracy Ruder 117
MPO Phil Schmidt 122
MPO Scott Haynes 128
MPO Kent Lockhart 139

FPO Miranda Fulton 145 $15.00

MPM Jared Kintzel 109 $50.00
MPM Don Mordicai 117 $20.00
MPM Brandon Mace 123

MA2 Brian Thompson 116 $52.00
MA2 Robert Robbins 116 $52.00
MA2 Mark Kewley 117 $40.00
MA2 Rod Cooley 119 $30.00
MA2 Jon Tveite 122 $25.00
MA2 Phil Gugler 126 $15.00
MA2 Harvey Wall 133
MA2 Rick Petrie 134
MA2 Mark Rader 134
MA2 Tony Blair 138
MA2 Mike Pruett 138

MA3 Scott Mockerman 143 zepher
MA3 Curtis 153 zepher
MA3 Marty Hoppock 153 zepher
MA3 Eric T 166 zepher

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Re: Harry Scott Shimp Memorial Super Class Championship

Postby FlyingO » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:04 pm

Hello again folks, Mike "FlyingO" Owens here again. I'm back in Kansas and really want to make the Harry Scott Shimp Super Class Showdown a real, honest to goodness annual event. But I am unfamiliar with the process, just as Harry was unfamiliar back in 2010 when he sought the help of Randy Brown.

Super Class, Frisbees, is how every sport that uses flying discs began. The attitude of chilling, laughing, and having a blast with like-minded people is what Harry treasured more than anything. I was living in Hawaii when he started playing disc golf again - we had both played in our youth back in the 70s - mando golf with no baskets and Ultimate primarily, so I'm going to try my best to find the assistance I need to get this happening again.

I'll be learning quite a bit this year as I have been given the responsibility of serving the Wichita DG club - the ACDGC - as this year's "Events Coordinator". It would be fantastic to see how many folks would also like to continue the tradition that Harry and Randy Brown began 10 years ago. Please reply with anything - encouragement, guidance, interest and/or desire to play. Thank you for now. I need to find contact information for anyone who might be able to assist me with this event. Thank you and Aloha! ~~~O~~~

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