The Adventures of Discman

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Re: The Adventures of Discman

Postby Friz-Rocker » Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:08 am

Discman`s Tales of HORROR
# 1
Hopperman is enjoying a round of glow doubles on the eve of the tournament in Beloit. Well liquered up, he throws his best plastic with a led light on it up to the basket on hole 18. Hopperman enjoys the beauty of the shot as the glittering disc lands by the basket. Unfortunately so does a local teenager waiting in ambush. With grassy noll execution the kid grabs Hoppermans disc and proceeds to run to the gate to the park. Hopperman is gaining quickly totally disbelieving the situation. Just as he is about to catch the kid, a getaway car owned by the go on take the disc and run club appears,the kid jumps in and Hopperman loses his plastic. Later that night Hopperman is seen jumping from the bridge into the river in a failed suicide attempt.

# 2
While playing the tough long placement hole 9 at herman hill park Iqman crushes his disc 50 feet right of the hole at the right edge of the clubhouse. A homeless man who is sleeping at the point of impact moves around conspiculously. After the group makes all their approach shots they proceed to look for Iqmans disc. The homeless man says he didn`t see the disc and a 15 minute search finds that it has vanished into thin air. Iqman soon gives up, knowing that his plastic is probably going to be used as a Dinner/Rolling tray by the homeless man.

# 3
While playing the Rick Leake Memorial at cherry street, Lennyman throws his X-Clone just over the fence behind hole 7. The area that the disc lands in, is a 3 foot wide dog run where the disc is easily retrievable. Unfortunately in this dog run are two of the most ravenous small dogs ever witnessed by mankind. Possibly that these small dogs where motivated by the constant landing of discs just on the other side of the fence out of there reach, or they where goaded by the incessant barking of angel the devildog( who was in the yard next door), these two small dogs destroyed this disc pulling it into two different directions with their razor-sharp teeth. Screaming bloody murder and running as fast as he could, Lennyman retrieves the shredded remains of his X-Clone.

# 4
Enjoying their round, Discman, Hopperman,and Iqman approach hole 11`s tee-box during club play at herman hill. A large family of Latino`s are asked to move by Iqman so that they are not hit by our drives. After they all move, Iqman proceeds to throw a drive deep left of the hole into the parking lot. A little boy runs after the disc and Discman jokes that maybe the kid will throw the disc back inbounds. After a 10 minute search, Iqman questions the family if they have seen the disc. They say no,but when Iqman checks twice, he spots the mother holding his disc. Iqman asks for his disc and is told no that the disc hit their van in the parking lot and they were keeping it. In a scene reminiscent of Game of Death, Iqman quickly drops into monkey style and snatches the disc from mother`s hand. The offspring quickly go into action, mother dials 911 on Iqman, Grandpa drops a tirade of chingatamadre blasts aimed at Iqman.( for reasons known only to the tobacco product community, Iqman decides to leave rather stay for Johnny law or deal with the attacking mexican family.) Hopperman and Discman choose to not putt out to quickly as the offspring are looking at them making comments like, say something! say something! I dare you! Hopperman tells Discman that they might have to throw down. Backing off the threats to us, we putt out and walk across the street as 5 police cars pull up and 2 officers approached on foot. Iqman escapes and Discman writes sixes on Iqmans remaining holes destroying his handicap.
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